I love my eggs and you love me.

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NNID RichardCar2
Age Unknown
Joined August 2nd, 2014
Community Wii Fit U Community, YouTube Community
Followers 179
System(s) owned SO Wiiu Wii U
Birthday Unknown
Alts Secret

Eggihiro Egguraggman.

Eggurai saw great success eventually beating RichardCar's main account in terms of followers. Eggurai became somewhat popular on Miiverse.  Many thought that Eggurai was enemies with Trollurai, but that's i (NNID: RichardCar2) is a Miiverse user who uses a modified version of Sakurai's Mii. His current Mii has a white shirt and blue sunglasses.

Eggurai has been a popular user since October, and is currently on his second ban. His bans were mostly from false reporting groups such as SkyShaymin's army and Zelda fans.


RichardGT4 got banned on July 22, so he created a backup account. On August 2, he decided to rename his backup Eggurai a joke to support the great IvoEa lie (hey that rhymes!). Eggurai and Trollurai are friends. Eggurai is also friends with ton of other people.

On October 13th, Eggurai got his first ban from cold Midna. He created a backup account, and fifteen days later, Eggurai returned and wanted to get revenge on the Zelda Fans.

Eggurai was often mentioned as a semi-popular user. He was never afraid of the admins, and never afraid of SkyShaymin, butShaymin's art is overrated. Eggurai and another user decided to comment on SkyShaymin's post. Eggurai's post was innocent only saying *shots fired*. During midnight, SkyShaymin's fanbase false reported Eggurai and banned him the next day.

Eggurai now made tw everything changed on November 10th, 2014.

Izzy made a post on how Skyo enemies. But he decided to ignore SkyShaymin. He was still in the semi-popular status on Miiverse.

On December 23rd, 201

However Eggurai returned on January 16th.↵E4, the Miiverse Admins decided to restrict Eggurai's Mii. He changed his name to Ghosturai at one point due to his Mii being locked.

However, Eggurai had enough of false reporters, flame wars, and lack of attention. On December 29th, 2014 Eggurai offically told Miiverse that he was leaving. Some of his loyal follower were peeved to see Eggurai leave.ggurai (again) has gotten banned by Melody the Zelda Fan on January 18th.


Eggurai's Departure from Miiverse is an event that happened on December 29th, 2014. Eggurai announced to his loyal followers that he'll leave Miiverse, and hopefully return in the future. While it wasn't a huge reaction in the community, some of Eggurai's loyal followers wondered why Eggurai was leaving. Eggurai (aka RichardCar) wanted to say this to Eggurai's loyal followers and friends.

"Miiverse is a battleground now. I came here to have fun, it's been a great four months. I may return one day, bdone with pans and SkyShaymin's army. I'm dssomething new and fresh to the table. I may be a forgotton person whrted by Zelda Ft if Miiverse never improves, I'm done. It's ogre my friends. I'm ending this on a good note."

-Eggurai's Quote to his loyal followers and fries recently bann


o saved people from Doomsday, but I hope this message gets passed on to the people wondering on why I left. I one dnut for the time being, no one enjoys my jokes anymore. I also felt like I'm stale. The Adminay should return, bueople trying to ban me. I've risked myself so many times to defend the smashers from the Zelda Insurgents. No one thanks me. But I didn't bother getting a thank you. I'm sorry if you guys see me leave. It was a tough decision. I really hope 2015 brings ed my mii, losing some character. I'm tired of getting false repo

  • Eggurai is knoeferences to his Skyline GT-R
  • He now has a Nissan GT-R.
  • RichardGT4 deleted his Eggurai account due to a fear of being consoe banned.
  • He has 3 cats, 1 rabbit, 4 hedgehogs, 1 fox, 1 echinda and one turtle.
  • He loves eggs.

Eggurai's Logo

Dank Nissan GT-R Memes

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