The battle begins:

  • 2/4/13 - Egglets opens and AlexMusic is the first user to post in Egglets. Over 4,000 other users join as noticed in the population counter
  • 2/5/13 - The earliest well known user named StarMartin joins and Nhataroll joins Egglets as "Front Left"
  • 2/7/13 - AlexMusic is the first user to get banned. AlexMusic tells everyone in Miiverse about Egglets. 100 other Miiverse users join.
  • 2/12/13 - Front Left hits first place most popular user
  • 2/13/13 - Cheesy joins Egglets and becomes even more popular then front left. The youtubers and Netflix users from miiverse find Egglets and complain about it saying it is a ripoff. Many other users of Egglets try stopping the complaints. Cheesy leaves Egglets and becomes a meme. The meme becomes so famous, it stops the complaints and yters/netflixers. Yters start liking Egglets more and migrate. Miiverse' yt community becomes a cringeworthy MLP community. Lol
  • 3/3/13 - Cheesy rejoins Egglets unexpectedly. Everyone cheers and celebrates. Cheesy gets even more people in Egglets causing Egglets to become more popular then Miiverse. Many Egglets users say it was the happiest day of their lives.
  • 3/13/13 - Egglets creates the "popular posts" button on the same day that a similar feature is created in Miiverse. "Coincidence? I think not" meme is created dew to this happening.
  • 3/15/13 - AlexMusic is unbanned and starts a group  with cheesy. AlexMusic changes his name to "CheeseyMusic" and many other users put "cheesy" in front of their names.
  • 3/18/13 - A lot of random people join Egglets attempting dating and rps and a lot of some who just want to hang out. They complain about how Egglets is "too mean." The trolls try to attemp and stop the newbies by creating groups. The cheesy group was most successful and migrated them to the youtube community in Miiverse. Lol, that's how that happened.
  • 4/1/13 - Cheesy leaves Egglets once and for all and goes to Miiverse being known as "Ben." He later becomes "Stupifie"
  • 4/2/13 - AlexMusic becomes the new owner of the cheesy club and renames it "Music Club" the music club becomes boring and dull. Everyone is upset over cheesy's loss.
  • 6/10/13 - Nintendo finds the creator of Egglets and they decide to get more people on each of there sides. More admins for both Miiverse and Egglets. Each site begins to get more strict as well. Hundreds of people switch and go to Miiverse. Everyone migrates to the newest Miiverse community: "The Super Smash Brothers Series. Community. Miiverse appears to be stricter too, but not as strict. Egglets becomes less popular then Miiverse once again. Ben changes to "Stupifie" after seeing everyone migrate.
  • 6/11/13 - Front Left finds out that Stupifie is cheesy in disguise. The "spy" meme is created and Front Left changes to Nhataroll!
  • 7/1/13 - Egglets is removed and everyone is very happy. Mostly the youtubers.
  • 3/2/15 - Egglets comes back and diet coke joins. Diet Coke invites Digit03 on to the website. Digit joins Egglets. They both become popular.
  • 3/17/15 - Digit03 gets in trouble with Nintendo and everyone is Unhappy. The Digit war begins
  • On March 26, 2015: Digit03 leaves Egglets and everyone gets very upset. Digit03 rejoins Miiverse as a user named Joshyy. NNID: ForFreedomOfFitU

Digit leaves again and go. Everybody rejoices and loves how digit is back although Digit only made one post saying "Back until I,m able to find a new place to stay" which got 200 kudos points. After not saying anything afterwards, mandy Marks finds the stuff Digit has created on Miiverse. Many dislike Digit, but some forgive. The "DigitFreedom club" is created along with the "DigitNoFree club" Egglets creates a rumor about Egglets being deleted to distract the war. AMY stops the war once and for all. Digit confirms that Joshyy was just an imposter on LMR.