EarthBound/MOTHER series
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Publisher Nintendo
Year of creation 1989
Genre RPG
EarthBound (マザー Mazā, MOTHER) is a series of Japanese Role-playing games (JRPGs) created by Shigesato Itoi, directed by HAL Laboratory and distributed by Nintendo.

EarthBound Beginnings (MOTHER)

EarthBound Beginnings (known as MOTHER in Japan) was a game originally released in Japan for the Famicom and later in the Americas in 2015 as EarthBound Beginnings on the Wii U Virtual Console. The game centers around Ninten, a boy who finds His Great-grandparent's dairy, which said that he studied PSI and warned Ninten to fight against Giegue (a.k.a. Giygas) when a poltergeist affects his house. Then your adventure starts to find the 8 melodies, with help of other party members.

It is said that there was an English translation for this, even though it was never released because it was too late since the SNES was just around the corner.

EarthBound (MOTHER2)

EarthBound (known as MOTHER2 in Japan) was released on the SNES on 1994 on Japan, then one year later in 1995, Mother 2 (renamed as EarthBound) was released in America, this was the only game in the series to be released outside of Japan. However, it was a commercial failure, despite selling 140,000 copies, it didn't sell well compared to Japan (Which sold 800,000 copies)

The game starts off with a meteor crashing near Ness' home, which wakes up his whole family. Then Porky (Or Pokey as the game says) needs help to find his little brother because hes too scared. Then they find him and Buzz Buzz comes in and tells Ness that he's from 10 years from the future and tells Ness that 3 boys and 1 girl will stop Giygas evil plans. Porkey then says that he isn't the one and goes away. Then Pokey's mom kills Buzz Buzz and tells Ness to gather 8 melodies.

Now Ness' adventure starts as he fights enemies brainwashed by Giygas and saving Paula to contact telepathically the other 2 boys.

Mother 3 (EarthBound 2)

Mother 3 (Or sometimes referred as EarthBound 2) is the last game of the trilogy. This game was originally named "EarthBound 64" and was for the N64 Disk Drive. But since it was a failure, it was moved to the normal N64, although there was a playable demo at Space World 2000, that game was cancelled in 2001 since the developers didn't have experience in 3D games. It wasn't until the GBA that they announced Mother 3 is on the works in the Mother 1+2 commercial. Soon after that, it became one of "Famitsu most wanted games" in Japan. Then, in 4/20 2006, Mother 3 was released on the GBA. The story tells the story of Lucas, a boy from a Tazami Village whose family is isolated from an invading army and his leader, Porky. Introducing new technology and infrastructure to the Nowhere Islands.

Mother 3 was different from the other entries in the game, the gameplay remains the same, but the story, rather than focusing on kids, it focuses on Lucas and his family members (And sometimes friends, I think) it also switches between party members every chapter. Speaking of which, the game is sorted into 8 chapters, much like Dragon Quest and other RPGs. 

The game opens with a preliminary sequence showing Hinawa visiting her father, Alec, with her twin sons, Claus & Lucas. After her sons play-fight with some Dragos, Hinawa writes a letter to her husband, Flint, stating that she expects to be returning home to Tazmily Village sometime soon. After sending the letter, she hears a strange anthem being played by an unseen flying object, foreshadowing the rest of the story

The game has been released on Virtual Console in Japan on December 17th.


Despite selling poorly, EarthBound has been regarded as one of the best RPGs of all time. Having a big cult following on the internet. The fandom has grown a lot from obscurity ever since Ness was featured in the Super Smash Bros. series. When Mother 3 didn't come to America, they did a fan translation 2 years later which is free to download.

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