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Ducksoup is a Wikia Staff member working in San Francisco. He is known on this wiki for deleting LMR, but also for helping bring back LMR after the shutdown.


On January 15th, 2015, Ducksoup deleted the wiki because of the hateful pages along with the pages containing very strong language and bias.

The users of this wiki were generally surprised with the shutdown. This lead to the users creating "Le Miiverse Resource 2," and after a few hours Ducksoup came into the chat and gave them a chance to reform this wiki, saying how they were dedicated and cared deeply about Le Miiverse Resource. After two weeks, the wiki was restored to wikia's standards and the users were allowed to keep the wiki. In the process, over a thousand pages were reformed. 

Afterwards, he joined the "Welcome Back to LMR!" party and allowed the users to keep this wiki. Later, Ducksoup announced that he "can't find a lick of negativity or ill will in this entire wikia." and soon came on the chat again and said he's still impressed.

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