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NNID TehLawyer-02
Age 17
Joined 12/9/2013
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 100+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday 6/10/99
Alts Kronos24601 & DedLawyer-03

I want Scooby Doo to sit on my face

—Dr. James

Doctor James joined Miiverse on December 9th, 2013. He started out as a 3DS user who mainly posted in the Super Smash Bros. series community. At the time, he was against trolling and posted on-topic until he was introduced to the Shrek meme, which inspired him to troll others. You can find him on ClosedVerse. But he’s literally lost his sanity at this point and should probably get a lethal injection already.



Doctor James once joined a ratchet clan called the New Dred Army to keep trolls under control by reporting them. James eventually realized, however, that he himself was a troll at heart. So he left the NDA to troll as he pleased. Some crazy drama happened, and James ended up labeled as an enemy of the NDA. Its leader, RighanRed, tried to ban him for trolling. James teamed up with some of RighanRed's oldest enemies and the Orange Side to fight back. Even Shrek joined the fight! In the end a peace treaty was made, and everyone went their separate ways to remain butthurt for the rest of their lives.



Eat my ass

After the tragic "Duckness vs. Cold Midna" situation took place in 2014, Dr. James sought RighanRed out. He wanted to convince Righan to revive the old NDA to fight the Hylians. RighanRed refused to get involved again, and passed his position of leadership over to James. James then renamed it to Supreme Dred Army. He used the SDA to protect trolls and occasionally fight false reporters. It's currently inactive.


On 10/30/2015 Dr. James left Miiverse forever. He managed to find a new leader for the SDA, make peace with most of his enemies, and get nearly 100 yeahs on a drawing of Shrek. That was good enough for him.

Mr. Grab & trolling

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Mr. Grab

James created many alt accounts to be used for trolling, like Gennaro and Hawkeye. His most successful and infamous troll account was Mr. Grab. Mr. Grab grabbed and sexually harassed many Smashers in the Wii Fit U community. Users like Alyssa and Undead hated him for having common sense. Mr. Grab was also once crowned "King of Miiverse" for some reason. Sadly, Mr. Grab never made it more than a few days without getting banned. He was usually banned by the Admins for being "Sexually explicit".

The Anti-Shrek Admin Incident

One day Dr. James posted a comment regarding Shrek and His love for onions. The Miiverse Admins then proceeded to ban him for "Criminal activity". Dr. James was not amused, and called Nintendo to complain about being unfairly banned. The man he spoke to turned out to be an actual Miiverse Admin who was against Shrek-related posting. James argued with the man for almost two fucking hours until the man got impatient and told him exactly this:
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This drawing, to be exact. Though he was banned for this only a few months later by a lowly Zelda fan.

"Look, just stop mentioning Shrek on Miiverse, ok? We both know why he's against Nintendo's CoC. Just post things related to the community you're posting in. Alright?"

Dr. James promised to never mention Shrek on Miiverse again, thanked him for the advice, and went on his Miiverse alt account to post a drawing of Shrek.


"Loch Ness Monster"

"I'm a doctor. I only kill people by accident."

"I'm 90% sure that I'm going to hell for taking the Shrek jokes too far"

"Judge Judy's penis"

"Hatty is a dung-filled sardine"

"Asking me not to mention Shrek on Miiverse is like telling me not to pray in church"


"I thank God every day that I'm not a Metroid fan"


  • He once got over 80 admin notifications in under six minutes for spamming, "Loch Ness Monster".
  • He was a proud member of the Save Nessie Foundation and the Illuminati.
  • He once sold out all the Smashers to a false reporter and didn't even care. (He's that hardcore)
  • He's actually pretty good at drawing Shrek.
  • He faps to Judge Judy.
  • Jurassic Park is the only thing he cares about nowadays for some reason.
  • He quit trolling on Miiverse as time went on.
  • He literally worships Nessie.
  • He will always find Shrek funny.
  • GameCube and Nintendo 3DS are his favorite systems.
  • He likes Sm4sh 3DS more than Sm4sh Wii U.
  • He owns a Pikachu amiibo that is possesed by a demon named Zarathos. (Or maybe Zathanos)
  • He was secretly Thanos the Mad Titan ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)