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NNID xX_Dr.Chill_Xx
Age Unknown
Joined December 10th, 2013
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned Wii U
Birthday Unknown
Alts D-Pad64(not active, but not deleted)

FieryRings64(perma-banned, but not deleted)

FlyingFire64(perma-banned, but not deleted)

FlyingFire64ALT(not active)


FlyingFire128(not deleted, but not linked to any Nintendo systems)




D-Pad64v2.0(not active)

Dr. Chill was a user whose first known form was created on 12/10/13, known as "FieryRings"(NNID: FieryRings64).

He's not known for being "Miiverse-famous" like many others, but he's gotten along with some of the greats, such as Hatty/Gabi, 8-Bit, Mr. Left, and many more. One of his biggest friends was Hatty, who was his husbando at one point(ditching Sanic). When news struck about Hatty's first console ban, he wanted to do something so Hatty could remember him bai, so he whipped up a poorly-made Photoshop based on "Hatty Heroes", a game announced by J-Der, but never got past the concept stages.


  • xX_Dr.Chill_Xx (banned once, but still active)
  • D-Pad64 (not active, but not deleted)
  • FieryRings64 (perma-banned, but not deleted)
  • FlyingFire64 (perma-banned, but not deleted)
  • FlyingFire64ALT (not active)
  • FlyingFire64.5 (deleted)
  • FlyingFire128 (not deleted, but not linked to any Nintendo systems)
  • FlyingFireALT (deleted)
  • FieryRings64ALT (deleted)
  • SupaFlyingFire (deleted)
  • D-Pad64v2.0 (not active)
SANIC JAM-104:29


Dr. Chill's jam(theme).


  • One of Dr. Chill's posts appeared on BradleyNews11's "That's On Miiverse" series on episode 2(although his name was not listed, proof will be provided in the near future), with a copy/paste of a trollpasta called "Super Mario 46".
  • Dr. Chill is the last known member of Team Hatty to still be alive, with all the other members quitting due to being console banned or something involving the Badmins.
  • At one point, he hated Bigley because Bigley's KnowYourMeme page was deadpooled and went on to believe that all Miiverse-made memes are not real memes.
  • Shrek is his waifu.
  • Montage Parodies have made a major impact on his life. Now he can't stop referencing or thinking about them.
  • He's been banned 22 times, including alts made on both Wii U and 3DS. He's gotten numerous amounts of Console Ban threats from Badmins, but he just realized he stopped recieving them a while ago. Odd.
  • He has an imported Game Boy Light from Japan.

The Super Mario Kart community is his swamp.

Gallery(images either made or found by Dr. Chill)

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