Dr. Bob
Dr. Bob's Mii.
NNID px41Dr.Bob
Age Unknown
Joined 2014
Community New Super Luigi. U Community
Followers 1089+
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday 08/29
Alts None

Dr. Bob (a.k.a. px41) is one of the more obscure users of Miiverse. He became a Brogre shortly after he started posting in the SSB Community, as he liked the concept of praising Shrek. Not all too many people know him personally, which really shows in his constant underdeveloped social status. He is quirky in personality, which rarely shows on Miiverse, as he is malleable towards crowds. His Mii is the result of wanting to make it look quirky, while at the same time, mellow. He also wanted it to look like himself irl, and so came the product.

Style of actions

While quirky in tone by default, Dr. Bob changes his personality almost completely to fit in with others. He has very rarely acted himself on Miiverse, personality-wise. While he may change his actions, he does not change his opinions on things, steadily keeping them in place no matter what majority dictates. He is very philosophical, but he has almost never shared his big-picture thoughts with anyone on Miiverse. The one thing that he always strives for is euphoria, thus prompting him to usually keep a friendly air around him when making posts. He constantly makes jokes of eating people alive, as he has a large fascination with the fears of eating and being eaten. Many users poke crude fun at this, which is understandable, considering how it could easily be mistaken for vore or something else of the sort. He also claims to serve a demon-like being made of unicode. It's name is unpronounceable, so it is only referred to as ☃. As a side note, Dr. Bob can occasionally be seen providing obscure references to things. He likes obscure references a lot.

#WeWantToCommentOnDrBobsPosts Meme

On April 5th, 2015, Dr. Bob disabled comments because he felt that he almost never got comments from his friends. The last post where Dr. Bob had comments on was "I wanna stop commenting on people's posts who never respond to me all the time, but I just can't stop being kind to others. Why am I so social?" On April 7th, user Darb posted in the Wii Fit U community, "#WeWantToCommentOnDrBobsPosts". In the next few minutes, people including Daniel and Haley reposted the hashtag, and it became a popular statement to see in the next hour. Dr. Bob felt more unappreciated being treated as a meme. He had this to say about it. "That meme did nothing but show how little people cared about me. Anyone who said that they want to comment, hasn't commented. This is ultimately insulting to who I am. I don't think I need to suddenly be known by a flawed meme such as this. I care too much about being nice to others, I don't need to suddenly be known by everyone as a fad. Thanks for making me feel more unappreciated." After that, he turned the comments back on to see that most of the people who participated in the fad didn't comment at all. Those who did, found that he was planning on leaving Miiverse from being incredibly hurt by all of this. If people commented on his posts before, he wouldn't have disabled them in the first place.


"Yez yoiz!"

"I eat people."


"☃✄☠ ☹☹ ☹ ☹☹☹ ☹☹ ☹☹☹☹ ☹ ☹"

"Beware! ☃ eats anyone in its path!"

Trivia for when you need it

  • Besides going by Dr. Bob and px41, he also sometimes calls himself ☃Dr. Bob. However, the ☃ is silent, and makes no change to his name.
  • He's always up to making new friends, so if you are interested in getting to know him, he would be happy with that.
  • He likes comedy. Without comedy, his life would be boring. BRING ON THE JOKES.
  • His Mii used as a Mii Brawler in SSB4 is too op, pls nerf.
  • He originally didn't want a page of himself on LMR, but strawpoll said otherwise.
  • His first post was on 02/04/2014 at 11:05 PM, despite having had an account from months earlier.
  • He was the first person to get the final comment on Pauly's "y can't metroid crawl?" post, even though it was taken afterwards by means of others deleting and re-posting their comments.


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