Director's Rooms and Developer's Rooms are a series of sub-communities found in certain communities where only verified users can post in them, which they use to post things about their game.

Director's room

The most recent post in the Super Smash Bros. Director's Room Community

Not all communities have these, however. Director's Rooms can be found in certain communities such as the Super Smash Bros Community, the Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker Community, etc. Developer's Rooms are found in The Legend of Zelda Series Community, The Year of Luigi Community, etc.

Some communities also have different names for these. (For Example: For the Wii Fit U Community, the Developer's Room, it's instead called the Director's Bulliten)

Wii U Sub-Communities Digger's DiaryDirector's Room/Developer's RoomNew Super Luigi UPanama ClubSuper Smash Bros. Support GalleryWii Sports Club Community
3DS Sub-Communities Director's Room/Developer's RoomSuper Smash Bros. Support Gallery

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