NNID DeltaStar_21
Age Unknown
Joined 12/29/14
Community Wii Sports Club Communities
Followers 547+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Delta★ (NNID: DeltaStar_21) is an off-topic user that joined on December 29th, 2014. Her name is based on Omega★Star's, but she isn't Omega★Star and she's totally different than Omega★Star. She posts mainly in the Wii Fit U community, like most of the Smashers, but she makes troll posts in the YouTube community too sometimes.


  • She temporally bought back the ´Today I became half-bi´ meme.
  • She supports IkeXZelda.
  • Her baes are Lord Rayquaza and Ike.
  • Her posts in the Wii Fit U community can get between 8 to 15 yeahs. In the other hand, her troll posts can get 1 to 12 yeahs, and between 0 to 5 comments from YouTube users.
  • She likes RWBY, Super Smash Bros and fanart about her ships.
  • She pefers Hatsune Miku over American Pop stars

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