Dear Tim and Moby
Dear Tim and Moby
Dear Tim and Moby
Site it originated from Unknown
Status Somewhat alive
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Dear Tim and Moby...


Dear Tim and Moby is another meme on Miiverse that lasted for a short time in October 2015 and January 2016 on the New Super Luigi U Community.

Meme Origin

In BrainPOP, which is an educational web cartoon running since 1999, each episode, Tim (with his robot friend, Moby, beside him) will usually read a letter sent by someone that almost always starts with, "Dear Tim and Moby", and a question relating to a topic he discusses on the episode. Tim will then elaborate on such question, with a few jokes here and there.

On Miiverse

On Miiverse, people said, "Dear Tim and Moby" followed by a random, usually meme-related statement. Although the last part of the letters (Sincerly, _____) is missing. Ethan unintentionally brought this meme back up in January 2016 on the New Super Luigi U Community.


  • Dear Tim and Moby, please stop the Admins!
  • Dear Tim and Moby, why is Bigley so big?
  • Dear Tim and Moby, this meme is stupid.
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