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NNID NobodyKnowstheEb
Age 13
Joined July 23, 2014
Community New Super Luigi U Community, Panama, and the YouTube Community.
Followers 748 Combined
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday 06/06/2003
Alts ebflover777

dazenotheralt CCatAndEBFlover Ebthetroll Dazenalt Eebee777

Dazen is a 13 year-old Miiverse user who willingly posts about a lot of things, mostly with LMR memes, art, random shit. Above all is We Are Number One. On some occasions, she goes in the YouTube Community and post something known as "Rate Me", she posts this because she finds the opinions comedic. You can find her here. She hates Undertale. On another note, she considers everyone below her, and calls other users "peasants". She was recently revealed to be bisexual. She is highly insensitive and is extremely anti-Islam.


On her new account, dazenalt, she has already been noted on the Smashers Timeline. Dazen eventually become popular on Miiverse.

"Dazen Approves" and "Dazi the Datler" are memes created by her.

She was once a fan of Epic Battle Fantasy (Waifu at the time: Lance the Gunner) from July 2014-November 2014, then she became a Dragon Quest fan(Waifu at the time: Ryuo the Dragonlord), and that lasted from November 2014-June 2015, where she moved to her 8-Bit Theater Phase(July 2015-July 2016). She is now re-obsessed with EBF, but with Anna as her waifu.

Denning double permabanned her, and she leeched on Arian and Talon for alts, then realized she wasn't consolebanned.

Le Miiverse Resource

Dazen now resides under the name Ebflover777 on Wikia, but she used to go to just Le Miiverse Resource instead. However, she has caused much controversy on LMR. She was the mastermind behind the Caramelldansen spammings, and spammed swastikas in chat before her ban from chat. Afterwards, Dazen edit farmed the forum and then was greeted with a block. After spamming the Wiki, she reacted in a way which made various admins agree on permanently blocking her. Well-known vandal JMurph (or MaxxMurph) supposedly impersonated her by making alts and complaining on mod's message walls. She claimed that these were not her alts, but the damage was already done.

Although her reputation was incredibly low, Dazen would still ask users to do various things on their message walls outside of LMR. When LMR2 was reborn, she made a block repeal. Users unanimously said no to unblocking her block, as not only was she still overreacting to situations, Dazen would derail other repeals in order to gain sympathy. Along with her mentions of LMR on Miiverse, she was ultimatly blocked from LMR2 as well, even after a warning.

A couple of days later, a group of LMR users decided to report bomb Dazen to get her banned. During the process, she coined the line "Stop false reporting me, Denning," on her profile comment as she had no more posts on that day. Dazen was banned from Miiverse, and made an apology on the Fantendo Wiki. When she made the apology, the drama finally ended.

...Or make a law enforcer cuff himself

She was globally blocked for 3 months on September 12. Users celebrated, until she was deemed "psycho" and "sicko" by certain users.

Furthermore, she started wishing terrible things to happen to certain users. Most notably Denning, an administrator on LMR.

After this, she fought with JMurph and befriended Darkwing Duckness, and Tutikaz is avoiding her.



  • Her waifu is Anna the Ranger.
  • She is EBF Lover, NOT EB Flower!
  • She is overweight by about 60lbs.
  • She relys on Arian to make her alts
  • She was manipulated and practically controlled by JMurph from August-November
  • Her Discord is ebflover777#6279
  • She used to be a fan of Nin-Dragon.
  • She planned a raid on this wiki, then cancelled it. It was to take place on November 6-8, 2016.
  • She is bad at trolling.
  • She supposedly has a superiority complex, according to Orca.
  • She really, really likes Epic Battle Fantasy
  • She shows common signs of mental and emotional instability.
  • She has diagnosed Autism, diagnosed depression, and diagnosed OCD, with extreme anger issues
  • She was permabanned for a Donald-Trump-Is-A-Card joke.
  • She hates posting dank memes, but will post old memes and quotes from Spongebob for some reason.
  • She is the actual artist of CutieCat's art, and loves the backlash.
  • She looks at BBW stuff on DeviantArt for shits and giggles.
  • She sometimes calls herself "God."
  • Her favorite song is a tie between We Are Number One and Chaos Theory/Beep Boop
  • She is obsessed with justice.
  • She read Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life and loved it.
  • She hates censorship.
  • She likes this fanfiction series.
  • She is permabanned from Trollpasta wiki chat and permanently blocked from Le Miiverse Resource.
  • She has an addiction to raids.
  • She is double permabanned, with 2 accounts hyperbanned.
  • She tends to be delusional.
  • She was globally blocked from Fandom for trolling and sockpuppeting. The block was supposed to end on 12/12, but Semanticdrifter extended it..
  • Alright motherfuckers, welcome to Walgreen's. I'm the dopest pharmacy store that you ever done seen. I got a hell load of customers but enough time to fuck yall up. Ill diss every aspect of yours, from walmart to gaystop
  • Her blood type is Type O.
  • She does have a boyfriend, a globally blocked user named Cronus. He was blocked for vandalism and uses Miiverse.
  • She is an ironic Nazi.

Drawings/Art on other sites

Eb is back

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