Dat Boi
Dat Boi
Site it originated from Tumblr
Status Used often
Related Memes Unknown
Dat Boi is a meme created outside of Miiverse but eventually spread to many of the off-topic posting communities. The meme is often used by drawing the iconic unicycle riding frog with or without the caption "here come dat boi!!!!!", and usually ending with "o shit waddup!!!"


Dat Boi originally started in July, 2014 as a picture of an African-American man with a poorly drawn moustache and afro with the caption "Most Wanted Criminal Arrested". Later in June 2015, a Tumblr post by user Phanalia featuring Pac-Man wearing shades and the captions "here come dat boi!!!!!!" and "o shit waddup!!!" received over 75,000 notes. From there, the meme began to grow even more adding a digitally animated frog into the equation in, April 2016.

The meme truly began to spread when the Browse Dank Memes blog on Tumblr created a multi-pane comic referencing the Marvel Cinematic Universe Film, the Avengers. Currently, the meme is used by photo shopping the unicycle frog onto various movie covers, being drawn on Miiverse or just simply spamming "here come dat boi!!!!!".


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