Im0p8h3vq0qy normal face
Danda's Mii.
NNID antelopemam
Age 13
Joined Miiverse: June somethin' LMR: August 1st
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 800+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday June 17
Alts IceBearApproves

Danda (NNID: antelopemam) was a newcomer to the Smashers, who mainly posts about cartoons. Danda originated from the YTC but soon changed his ways and became a Smasher. He was originally known as GanonDANK, but then changed his Mii to Ice Bear, and then to Danda. He changed his name to Ice Bear because he is a big fan of the Cartoon Network show, "We Bare Bears".

He was permanently banned from Miiverse.


  • "#IceBearForMiiversePresident"
  • "Ice Bear is best waifu."
  • "Ice Bear's smarter than the average bear."
  • "Ice Bear's Quest For The Triforce"
  • "King Dedede + Bowser = King K. Rool"
  • "Courage the Cowardly Frog."
  • "Ice Bear's eating a taco."
  • "They see Ice Bear rollin', they hatin'."
  • "Ice Bear X Kim Possible"
  • "mmm"
  • "Shulk is a girl."

Stuff Danda Made Up

  • We Bare Bears amiibo
  • Edge, Edge, n Edgy
  • Miiverse 2
  • Ice Bear's Quest For The Triforce
  • #IceBearSquad
  • Cory's Song
  • The Bodacious Bear's Bye-Bye Palooza
  • Ic Ber
  • Mr. Honest

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