Monkey 🅱usiness.

—DaRrEN's favorite phrase if that counts as a phrase.
DaRrEN "ρяσραηε" HUnTeR

Propane normal


Xal68rrp83ku normal face

Sillier boob

His Miis.
NNID DarrenE.Hunter
Age 18
Joined 12-12-12
Community PixelPaint,

Percy's Predicament, Youtube Community New Super Luigi U

Followers Around 1800
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday 09/14/1999
Alts MonkeyBusineszs, Bobby_S_GrantLee

DaRrEN is a Miiverse user who does things. And sometimes, things might even do him right back.

He's currently the administrator of the Catscratch Wiki and is now posting his artwork on his instagram.

He is also on Closedverse as MonkeyBusiness.

Also, sometimes he becomes Rosalina fused with Hank Hill for funzies.


Alt:Alt_DarrenHunter (Permabanned)


Other Random Accounts

  • DengEtBobe (Deleted)
  • Bobby_S_GrantLee (Used for comments)
  • SuperGengar64 (Inactive)

Trivia and Other Stuff

  • His persona for sexual roleplay is Miiverse's own Tom.
  • One of his handwritten comments was turned into a post by another user without his permission. The user and post in question will remain anonymous (mostly because we don't remember his name.)
  • His alter-egos are: ρяσραηε, EdgerEn, SwigrEN, Darcy, Croissant, INOTDARREN, DalerEN, SkeffaRrEN, DaRrLenny, a potato, DaRrRrEN, The Bagel, No Face, Syllabub, Mr.OhYee, dArRen & Xpnd DaRrEN.
  • From what he recalls, the first game he played that introduced him to the gaming world is Super Smash Bros. Melee.
  • His Youtube channel is:
  • His other Youtube channel for DKC show material is:
  • Catscratch is his favorite drink.
  • He is a member of Smashy Club, however he barely ever checks in due to his mastery of forgetfulness.

A Few (Old) Samples Of His Miiverse Artwork

SamTron's Cold Armadillos

The Armadillos: Ben, PB, Declan, AceBen, DaRrEN, Ryan, Dov, Craig, Firlow, Ryan(CaptainMario_777), John, Marco Polo, Buster, McMeSki, Piano, Nathan, Omega★Star, Ethan, Link, Mike