DaRrEN "Syllabub" HUnTeR
Sillier boob
His current Mii.
NNID DarrenE.Hunter
Age 17
Joined 12-12-12
Community PixelPaint,

Percy's Predicament, Youtube Community New Super Luigi U

Followers Around 1800
System(s) owned WiiU,

System in the Nintendo 3DS Family

Birthday 09/14/1999
Alts MonkeyBusineszs, Bobby_S_GrantLee

DaRrEN is a Miiverse user who does things, draws things, has a buncha dumb children, and enjoys 90's Cartoons, Donkey Kong Country (mostly its show) and other fabulous material such as that. And ladies. Maybe males too butthat'snotthepoint. He is Leilani. Sattler's waifu~❤


Alt:Alt_DarrenHunter (Permabanned)


Other Random Accounts

  • DengEtBobe (Deleted)
  • Bobby_S_GrantLee (Used for comments)
  • SuperGengar64 (Inactive)

Trivia and Other Stuff

  • DaRrEN was a Miiverse user since 12-12-12.
  • DaRrEN is the creator of Wario and Friends. Which was a series of Mario Kart 8 screenshots of Wario doing things as DaRrEN captions it. It is currently dead and has no chance of returning due to the recent redesign. Does anyone even remember this one?
  • One of his handwritten comments was turned into a post by another user without his permission. The user and post in question will remain anonymous (mostly because we don't remember his name.)

A Few Samples Of His Miiverse Artwork

SamTron's Cold Armadillos

The Armadillos: Ben, PB, Declan, AceBen, DaRrEN, Ryan, Dov, Craig, Firlow, Ryan(CaptainMario_777), John, Marco Polo, Buster, McMeSki, Piano, Nathan, Omega★Star, Ethan, Link, Mike

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