NNID nat-fu-li
Age 13
Joined 12/26/14
Community YouTube Community
Followers 389
System(s) owned SO Wiiu Wii U
Birthday Unknown

DStrides (NNID: nat-fu-li) is a semi-popular Miiverse artist who posts commonly in the YouTube Community and the Best of Solitaire Community. Most of his posts are Homestuck related and are about JohnDave/Pepsicola. He used to make an average of 5 posts per day, and had has 380+ followers. When he was not drawing, he would partake in roleplaying, doodle chat, talking to his friends, or being the leader of Code Cheeseburger. He is part of the "Homestuck senpais," or more commonly known as a Homestuck fanatics, (Glubby-senpai). while chatting with Glubby.

Later on DStrides deleted his main account due to unfortunate events. His alt is inactive, and he used to use dA and as Blue-Chrysanthemum but however, the two accounts were deactivated by himself.

Code Cheeseburger

Code Cheeseburger, commonly referred to by it's members as 'The Miiverse Dream Team' or 'The Secret Organization,' is what DStrides refers to his friends and chat buddies as. It's current [and main] alias was coined by Mina, a member of the 'Code Cheeseburger.'

They mostly talk about random and pointless things that make no sense, as well as Homestuck and the 'don't let the kids touch the dinosaurs' policy at MOODIC's Jurassic Park.

The club meme/motto is "HO DON'T DO IY."


  • DStrides
  • Heather
  • Mika
  • Mina
  • JohnEgbert/Glubby
  • JadeHarley/Latvia
  • Mangoх
  • Gaara

Rules of 'Code Cheeseburger'

DStrides' strange club only has two rules. They are:

1.) Rule number one of The Miiverse Dream Team is don't talk about The Miiverse Dream Team. (Hence 'Code Cheeseburger'/'The Secret Organization')

2.) Rule number two is Code Cheeseburger.

Quotes by Him/His Friends

  • "I pressed it before I told you all. :^)" ~ MOODIC
  • "If i'm gonna do it, i'm gonna do it big!! :')" ~ DStrides
  • "It sounds like someone scratched a record with the alphabet song on it. 'L, M, N, Oh. Oh. Oh." ~ Gaara
  • "Surely you didn't walk 60 miles. But you have nice calves. I remember." ~ Glubby
  • "Children shouldn't know wh-- Wait, how old am I again??" ~ DStrides
  • "Holy shizzle." ~ Glubby
  • "GARSH DIDDLY." ~ DStrides
  • "Garsh shizzely." ~ GLUBStrides combob
  • "HO DONT DO IY." ~ Latvia
  • "You know I'm your friend if I start calling you 'beeby."


  • JohnEgbert (glubby-senpai)
  • Dave S. (itsmeBABYDEVS)
  • Davesprite (nepurrtaleijon) [6/20]
  • Terezi (CH3RRY.R3D)
  • MMMMMOODIC (t1ckt0ckhonkhonk)
  • Latvia (Maximumitaly)
  • Gaara (TheFifthKazekage)


  • DStrides created the Morningstuck/Nightstuck AUs.
  • Loves Homestuck.
  • Leader of Code Cheeseburger.
  • Account deleted .

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