The key to getting people to follow you is to not be a dumbass and a false reporter....oh, and be a good artist.

—DJ Games
DJ Games
NNID Chaos_is_back
Age 17
Joined Unknown
Community Youtube Community
Followers 527
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday March 22nd 2000
Alts DJIan13

VineArt VivaLosVoid

DJ Games is a Miiverse user whom would be considered a Youtuber, as he posts regularly in the YouTube Community. He often draws using SDK Paint and posts in that community as well. His favorite villain is Lord English from Homestuck.

His Wikia Username is DJ Games.


  • You can view his main Miiverse profile here.
  • You can view his second Miiverse profile here.
  • You can view his third Miiverse profile here.
  • You can view his Fourth Miiverse profile here.



One of his Art Academy: Sketchpad drawings.

He likes Homestuck and Overwatch. His current favorite game is Overwatch. His main profile has made 1590+ posts and he has Yeahed 6,060+ things. He has 90+ friends.

DJ is currently following 830+ users and has 520+ followers.


  • His name's Ian, but he could also be called DJ.
  • His posts average 30 Yeahs each.


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