Solid DJR
Age 19
Joined Unknown
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Solid DJR is a Miiverse user and is considered a Smasher who mostly posts in the New Super Luigi U Community. He posts about things such as Smash Bros. and whatever is on his mind. DJR is notorious for hitting on users with cute female Miis, thus making him considerably creepy and awkward.


DJR is a fan of Smash Bros. and he considers himself to be a very competitive player. He often challenges almost any Miiverse user to a game of Smash Bros. If he loses, he isn't afraid to ask for a rematch. Some users would describe him as salty though, as he is known to get mad when losing sometimes in Smash. He is considered some users to be their rival, such as Lord Squid. He gets very angry when you beat him and makes up any reason to make you lose, such as saying you used the wrong character against him. DJR made a recent return but before that he stated he was giving up on competitive play in Smash


  • He often challenges users like Lord Squid and ToastyAndy to Smash Bros.
  • Some users think DJR might be a troll.
  • He had a crush on several users, such as Kumatora, PokeFan, Haylee, and Zaria.
  • He still wants to rematch ToastyAndy after Toasty rematched him, and won.
  • He hates Splatoon and also dislikes Inkling Miis.
  • He is the brother of Rellmon.
  • He seems to follow anyone with a female Mii.

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