Dr. House
1fx1fxfpha50 normal face
NNID D.H.TheUndying
Age 14
Joined December 25th
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers Lord knows
System(s) owned Wii U SO Wiiu

3DS SO N3ds

Birthday 1st December
Alts D.H.GotBanned, Da_Howz_Docta, Helloooooo_Nurse (All console-banned)

The one and only doctor of houses. For more information, call 1-800-Da-Howz-Docta.

—Dr. House

D.H./Dr. House/Dr. Meme/Nurse House is a 14-year-old Miiverse user usually found on the New Super Luigi U community. Primarily he used the NSLUC alongside the SSB4 community, until his Wii U was console banned in January of 2016. He's been a Smasher since July of 2014. He's undergone numerous names since he joined Miiverse in 2012.


Like I said, D.H. joined Miiverse in 2012 when he got his Wii U that Christmas. At the time, he usually lured in the NSMBU and Nintendo Land communities because they were the only games he had. As his collection of games grew he started posting in more communities. He discovered the Smashers at some point in mid-2014 and joined in, but mainly talked about Sm4sh. When the SSB Series Community was removed he stuck around in the new Sm4sh Community and continued posting off-topic 'till the Wii U version came out - All of the other Smashers moved but he stayed and made on-topic posts about the Wii U version, most of which just being him complaining about For Glory's community.

In early 2015 he found out that the Wii Fit U Community and realized this was where the Smashers moved to after being kicked out from the LoZ community, so he moved there and posted there until the update happened. In late June he changed his name from D.H. to Dr. House as an inside joke.

Later in June the Redesign striked, and he moved to /r/miiversesmashers for a while, until someone posted there about how the Smashers had moved to the New Super Luigi U Community. He now resides there.

In late 2015, his 3DS was console banned, followed by his Wii U in early 2016 - He got a New 3DS XL on Christmas 2015 and, using System Transfer, transfered the console ban to his New 3DS leaving the original 3DS unbanned. He now uses his unbanned account and posts exclusively on the New Super Luigi U Community.
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His alternate Mii, NurseHouse.


  • He has Asperger's and Dyspraxia.
  • He used to be a YTC'er before he was a Smasher.
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His other alternate Mii, Dr. Meme.

  • His favourite game of all time is Super Paper Mario, and his favourite anime is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • His name - Dr. House - comes from an inside joke, in which while his name was still D.H. he commented on a "Comment and I'll give you a nickname" post once and the OP called him "Dr. House". He didn't know the reference at the time.
  • His "Dr. Meme" Mii is based on his interpretation of his future self.
  • He gets false-reported every 10 seconds.

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