Crunchyroll Community
Community Type Other
Launch Date NA/EU - December 25, 2014
Special Attributes Anime
Community console SO Wiiu
Game Genre Streaming App
Related Communities Youtube Community, Nintendo Anime Channel Community
The Crunchyroll Community is the community for the anime and Asian drama streaming app Crunchyroll.

It has become infamous among the Smashers for becoming "the anime community". People now think that the YouTube Community is pointless. It is also the Smashers' backup community. There may be future confrontation between the users that enjoy posting there and the Smashers if the New Super Luigi U Community comes to a close. The community is not as active as the YouTube community, as there are usually posts about every twenty minutes.


  • Adam was the first one to post.
  • It is not on 3DS.
  • It was almost instantly taken over by the Smashers. The Smashers no longer have a standing here.
  • You can use Crunchyroll for free, but you will have to watch ads.

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