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NNID apocalipsis
Age 13
Joined 12/26/2012
Community Wii Fit U Community
Followers ....a lot
System(s) owned Wii U SO Wiiu
Birthday 6/9/2003
Alts Unknown

How he looks like IRL

Cristof•¬• is a user known to say "•¬•" often. He often trolls Miiverse daters and has a deep hatred for them. His alt account once ended up on That's On Miiverse. He has much of the same opinions as the people in the Youtube Community, but hates them anyway. He has a YouTube channel named LeCristof. He currently obsesses about a user named ModestGame. He doesn't like it when people say that his Mii is cute. He got console banned on April 16, 2015.


  • "•¬•"
  • "So now I have a girlfriend......On Miiverse.......By accidental means..."
  • "Cristof•¬• X ModestGame is best OTP."
  • "When I first met Shane, I couldn't handle his fabulousness, so I exploded."
  • "Reminder that Haley is hawt."
  • "They need to go to fucking hell and Satan needs to decapitate their souls and juice the rest of their souls into a smoothie which Satan drinks and then, along with the other fucked up food he eats, he starts to digest them and produce feces and shit their souls out."

Fusions and other Miis*

This list contains all the people Cristof has fused with and their names.

Other Miis

This list contains Cristof's other Miis. Each time he changes into another one of his Miis, he changes his personality accordingly.

  • Uhhh... (Nervous)
  • Chibi Cris (Cute)
  • Evil Cris (Immature)
  • Oh. (Flirty)
  • KawaiiDesu (KAWAII AS FUCK)
  • Boo! (Spooky)
  • Cristof-ω- (Weird)
  • Cristofoωo (Crazy as fuck. He also types everything in all caps)
  • Cristof-¬- (Lazy)
  • Cris•/ω/• (Loving)
  • Cristofºuº (Happy)
  • Cristof•υ• (Dumbass)
  • Cristof;¬; (Sad)
  • Cristof0з0 (Sarcastic/Sassy)

Seasonal Miis

  • NewYear'sC
  • ValentineC
  • EasterCris
  • FireCris (4th of July)
  • HalloweenC
  • HarvestDay (Thanksgiving)
  • ChristmasC


  • He's Bisexual.
  • He created the Obama meme.
  • He also created the "Clash of _____" meme.
  • He used to be a bronie.
  • He used to be a weeaboo.
  • You really wouldn't want to see his past.
  • He retired from the Pokemon fandom.
  • He likes to merge his Mii with other people's Miis.
  • He loves Thomas Was Alone.
  • Garnet is his waifu. (waifus?)
  • He's a Steven Universe fanboy.
  • All of the Miis he has created (except for his original one) have the "¬" mouth
  • He has been shipped with Ethan r, ModestGame, Nick, T.A.B, Omega★Star, Kristoff, ChibiGirl, Haley, Shane, FireYoshi, Dewd, Jon, a Wii U controller, Cheetos, a Ring Pop, and an apple.
  • He writes English almost perfectly.
  • He speaks broken English about 30% of the time. (English is hard :[)
  • He's Mexican.
  • His soul is made of churros and chicken tamales.
  • His trivia list is gonna be longer than Modest's trivia list
  • He likes to spam chat.....A LOT.
  • He constantly gets kicked and banned by Meal
  • He recently got sucked into Undertale.
  • His favorite Pokemon is Azumarill.
  • His least favorite Pokemon is Houndoom.
  • His favorite characters in Undertale are Papyrus and Mettaton. (HIS LEGS ARE UNSTOPPABLE)

His Themes

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