Count Dooku
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Count Dooku is a dark lord of the sith. He is a rather popular user on Miiverse due to him being a troll lord and formerly leading the CIS, a organization that managed to take down false reporters, and succeeded.

Since disbanding the organization, Count still battles false reporters occasionally, and since started a new organization called the C.O.F. The C. O. F.  managed to take over all of the Castlevania NES communities, and is keeping a strict eye on MOE.

Count Dooku's first account was permabanned, but he is still considered a wise and powerful user, due to him taking down false reporters and of his remarkable composure, and has become the count of trolls. Count usually lies about his age and says 89 when he's really 92.

He's allies with IvoEggman, VGCGreg, Negman, Orochimaru, Ganon, Nostalgic and Bellatrix. He is currently settled down in his homeland in Miiverse  of Castlevania. Personality: Count is usually nice, but becomes paranoid about someone reporting someone. Count is massively against reporting and false reporting. He is a dark lord of the sith, and boast to love the dark side. He supports peace, and believes that sometimes war is necessary. He loves on topics and Off Topics, and is ok with trolls.

Count hates repeating himself. He is openly evil. He can be straight forward if needed and can get things done. His morale is as hard as the Water Temple in Oot, Times 3. He has left Miiverse and abandoned his group the C.I.S. This came from conflicts and fact he was getting bored. His friendship with Eggman also became turbulent,  but this was not a reason for his leave.

Political Scene

European Wii Sports U communities

Count Dooku plans to unite all of the UK under his Sith Empire. By negotiating with the owners of some UK communities, Dooku has successfully united most of the UK communities. He has met some resistance from a guy at the UK East of England community.

On March 8th, 2016, Count Dooku announced his resignation from Miiverse. There are many reasons, such as the declining rights Miiverse has given to its users, and the false reporting of many users. He turned his empire over to Ganon as the new leader, Emperor P, and Metal Sonic. A few days later, he came back.

Dooku disbands his sith Empire and leaves ownership to varying people. Freege seeing its opportunity takes SE, SW, West midlands England and Scotland for themselves. Put in charge of West Midlands is Nukenzack as always. Put in charge of Wales is Mithos a fellow kindred FE4 fan to Freege. Eventually Freege reunifies the UK.

Count Dooku's Political Friends

  • Bill Clinton
  • John Kerry
  • Harry Ried
  • Al Gore
  • Nute gunray
  • Angela Merkal
  • William Hague
  • Ivo Eggman
  • Fezziadus
  • Cyndi Lauper
  • Queen Elizabeth

Party and occupation

  • Democratic Party
  • Liberal Party
  • Dark Lord of the Sith
  • Neutral Evil
  • Against False Reporting
  • Master


  • He doesn't like Alyssa, Winterwarm, or the Bard for getting users banned by expanding MAD.
  • He also doesn't like Republicans or Miiverse Administration.
  • Count Dooku's siblings live in the United States, including his brother Montgomery Burns and sister Hillary Clinton.

Count Dooku's Life

Born on Serenno 1922 with his older brother Monty by 3 years older. They moved to Great Britain on Earth in 1925 to escape the Jedi Order from taking Tyrannis, although they found him. After Dooku had learned to become a Jedi knight. He and his Master went back to Earth in 1938 at age 17 He spent much time with his family, unfortunately World War 2 broke out, he stayed to fight. In 1947 (the year his sister was born) he went back to Coruscant to be trained by Jedi Master Yoda.

After successful campaigns with the Jedi he had several apprentices, he visited Earth and Serenno a few times over the Years visiting his parents on Serenno and his brother and Sister in now the United States . In the 1970s he went to Earth and stayed there for about 9 Years, he became wealthy in Britain and made over 630 Million Dollars, although he transferred his money to Monty who locked it up. His parents moved back to Serenno in 1973. Dooku became part of the British SaS and worked in Romania for about a year in the Cold War.

In 1983 he had seen his new master Darth Sidious, who taught him the Dark Arts, but many other things too. In 1987 he taught a new apprentice the Dark Arts himself (Ganondorf). In 1992 he left the Jedi Order and went to Serenno after his parents died and officially became Count of Serenno. Count had a short relationship with Joan Rivers in 1993-5. Count attended the funeral of of his friend Princess Diane along with his sister and her husband. During the 1990s Count had visited his sister frequently, enough to even join her political party along with her husband. For that Her and Count didn't get along well with Monty until 2014 when Monty fell in love with a Liberal woman. In 2003 the Clone Wars started and Count had sent a blockade over Earths Solar System.

After 7 years of fighting the Republic, the CIS finally won after decimating the Republics Starfleet and taking over several Republic planets, peace was returned to the Galaxy. Count started seeing his family on Earth less and less, although he still called and talked on the phone with them. In 2007 June he went to Earth to stay with Hillary in the Presidential race, although she lost. He went back to Serenno after having a family reunion/vacation in Britain. In 2013 he went back to Earth to celebrate the Queens Jubilee. He then went back to Earth in 2014 to make a visit to Iraq with Hillary. 2014 Monty started talking with Hillary and Dooku alot more. He contributed to the Admin War that lasted 3 months in the Miiverse quadrant of the Galaxy(2014).

Count Dooku attended Joan Rivers funeral in 2014. Count Dooku hasn't been to Earth since although he sends ships for his siblings to visit him on Serenno. 2015 he is 92 years old. Count also sometimes visits the Queen.

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