Cory Baxter is in the house
Cory Baxter as he appears in Smash Bros.
Site it originated from Unknown
Status Still used
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Bigley, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

250px-Cory in the House wallpaper

Cory in the House is a Disney live-action TV show starring Cory Baxter. In this show, Cory's father, Victor Baxter, becomes a chef for the President of the United States and gets to move into the White House. This series is a spin-off from another Disney series, named That's So Raven.   However, the show was never really that popular and ended after only 2 seasons. The meme, however, is still ongoing with its popularity, and originated from a YouTube video named "TOP 27 ANIME BOOBS". Cory in the House is a popular meme on Miiverse for unknown reasons. It is often referred to as "the best anime" or "best manga" by users on Miiverse. It also sparked the "Cory is in your (blank)" meme.

Super Smash Bros00:46

Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS - Cory Baxter Announcement Trailer (HD)

Cory's reveal trailer for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS

YouTuber Filthy Frank brought the meme back from the dead. In his "WEEABOOS" video. He claimed that Toy Story, Cory in the House, Airplane Instruction Videos from the 80s and Seinfeld were his favorite anime series.

Examples of Cory in the House Memes

Cory Baxter was a meme one night in the Super Smash Bros. Community. Ex: Cory is under your house. Cory is on top of your house. Cory is in your ______. Cory in the house is the best anime.

  • "I like the Cory manga more than the anime, to be honest"
  • "Best waifu = Cory Baxter"
  • "Cory in the House is best anime"
  • "Cory Baxter is in the House"
  • "Cory Baxter for Smash"
  • "Cory is in your basement"
  • "Cory is in YOUR house"
  • "Cory is in your screen"

Cory in the House Game

The show has its own video game on the Nintendo DS, which goes by the same name. The DS game received negative reviews, but that did not stop 4chan users from /v/ and Redditors from spamming positive user reviews on Metacritic. These reviews give the game large amounts of praise, for reasons such as having great graphics, great gameplay or a great story. The game has a user score of 9.5/10 on Metacritic with 569 positive reviews as of August 10th, 2016. The joke reviews that came later were likely influenced by 4chan's /v/, where they raided GameFAQs to make Cory in the House the most wanted game for FAQs in December 2013.

Cory in Super Smash Bros.

Some Miiverse users want Cory Baxter to be in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and 3DS, while most are completely against it. Cory has a huge (albeit ironic) fanbase on Miiverse.


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