NNID CookieIshCool
Age unknown
Joined unknown
Community New Super Luigi. U
Followers 230+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday 9/09
Alts Meh_Im_Back

Cookie is a Miiverse user currently trying to befriend anyone that knows her, in order to leave without causing any sadness. Cookie also lent her accounts to some people. Specifically Izzy, Zephyr, Alyssa, Jordan and some others.

Life on Miiverse

It's unknown how Cookie began Miiverse, however it is likely she started out on-topic like most users did. Cookie became prominent during the Depression era, like most of today's semi-popular users. During that time, she befriended Jordan who became her senpai and stuff. After he was banned for jokingly calling Zephyr a PDF file, she allowed him access to the account, which was false-reported by Zephyr, causing her to lose the account, which Jordan only figured out after another of his accounts became unbanned, resulting in him leaving Miiverse for several days out of guilt. It wasn't until the Rebuilding that they met up again, her friend was banned yet again, though she kindly made him an alt, which was shortly banned. After that, she decided she should quit in order to prevent problems in real life. Cookie quit Miiverse and Le Miiverse Resource on 1-3-2015.


  • She wants to be unknown

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