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Console Bans are a type of ban users can get on Miiverse. If the user continues to violate the Code of Conduct, (or not) and repeatedly gets banned (normally must be Permabans, but can be just Temporary bans) on other accounts, the admins will strike a console ban. Console bans limit the user's actions by locking the Wii U or 3DS's serial number, resulting in the permanent restriction of Miiverse from the device. If you try to access Miiverse with a console banned Wii U or 3DS, it usually displays "Error-Code: 115-1009 Miiverse functions aren't available on this console." and closes. However, sometimes, you can still access Miiverse, but it will state "You have been permanently banned from writing messages and community posts because a user Who accesses Miiverse using the same device as you has violated the code of conduct." Not only does it restrict your use of Miiverse, but you are not allowed to upload replays or upload Mario Maker levels.

Fixing a Console Ban


A console ban error on 3DS. (The error appears on Miiverse login, not NNID login)

Once your console is banned on a Wii U, it is nearly impossible to fix it. The only way to escape a Console Ban is to buy another Wii U. Also, it is possible to copy or move stuff into the USB drive and delete all console settings. 

If your last violation was false, contact Nintendo to investigate the problem and to lift the ban. However, more often than not, Nintendo will take a while, or it'll turn out that you deserved the Console Ban.

The SecureInfo_A Exploit on a hacked 3DS can be used to circumvent permabans or console bans.

Console Bans after 6/24/15


A console ban on Wii U. Notice the different error than a 3DS console ban. These can't be circumvented at the moment.

After The Update of 6/24/15, every NNID on the device you're using will be restricted from Miiverse if one of the accounts gets banned. This isn't as severe as an actual console ban and only lasts for two weeks.

If one of your accounts gets permanently banned, you may receive a Console Ban warning, and your other accounts will only be banned for two weeks, contrary to rumors stating that every NNID gets permabanned.


  • If you are lucky, you will only receive a console ban that lasts 3 weeks to a month. It's unknown how this occurs.
  • If you get enough 2 week bans on enough alts, it is possible to be console banned without getting a single permanent ban.
  • Compared to permabans, console bans aren't as common.
  • Some users such as The Bard, YoungAndy, Travis, Alyssa, Izzy, Nostalgic, RadminRawr, among others are currently console banned.
  • Something similar to console bans is when Nintendo won't let you use Miiverse on the device you're using, but the NNID is not banned. Not many users have gotten this.

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