The Confederation of FreeMiiverse was one of the largest groups in Miiverse history. Created by Count Dooku, it was a confederation (large alliance of independent groups with right to secession) to defend trolls and stop false reporting. The CoF was initially for the better of Miiverse and wanted on topic posters and off topic posters to prosper and respect the art and trolling and the wisdom behind trolling. It was one of the most powerful organisations in the history of Miiverse.

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Confederation insignia

Confederation Policy

  1. Support of on and off topic posts.
  2. Each branch has the right to perform their own individual operations, but must first alert all major generals of the confederation to take necessary precaution, safety hazards, and pre-planning.
  3. Every now and then, the confederation may perform a practice drill to confirm future readiness.
  4. The Confederation works to stop false reporting
  5. Each branch leader has a right to say within the confederation.
  6. The Supreme Commander and ambassador have leadership powers while the Grand Leader is absent.
  7. Members of the intelligent department must be from a member group of the Confederation.
  8. The Confederation permits and partially encourages conquering communities.
  9. Conquered communities will be available to all branches of the confederation as of fairness.
  10. Recruiting is allowed in the confederation and for its individual branches.

Branches that were part of CoF -

Former enemies of the CoF -

CoF Leadership Ranks -

  1. Leader - Count Dooku
  2. Intel Dept. Supreme Commander - Bellatrix
  3. Ambassador - Conundrum
  4. 2nd General, Leader of U.M - Aaron
  5. 3rd General, Leader of M.O.E - Dr. Admin
  6. 4th General, Leader of Eggmanland - Negman

War with the Requiem of Spirits

The CoF was once in a war with the RoS. For further details, see this page.

Miiverse Clans/Groups
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The demise began in January 11th, 2015 after Count Dooku was banned and his gamepad broke. Many Miiverse clans eventually seceded/destroyed by this point. The SDA left the CoF while the Miiverse Army was destroyed during the very formation of this group. NeoTeamNightStar was never active (and never participated) in the groups efforts. 

During mid February 2015, IvoEggman got into minor beef with Count Dooku and formally left the group (he also disbanded the Eggverse Empire and left the clan business on February 22nd, 2015). With most clans being gone, Count Dooku decided to end the CoF on March 11th, 2015.

Attempts of reviving

Count Dooku hs reattempted to revive the group twice (once in April Troll Strike Force and a second one in May) (CIS) Both efforts have failed and Count Dooku gave up all together (leaving in May 29th, 2015).

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