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are Miiverse's version of forums and boards and is where Miiverse users all post in. Most of the communities are for games that came out on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. There are also communities for apps such as YouTube.

Community Layout

Play Journal Entries

  • All of the latest Play Journal Entries can be viewed here.
  • Allows you to post either text or handwritten posts.
  • Screenshots can be attached to Play Journal Entries as long as the community allows you to post screenshots.


  • Only handwritten posts can be posted here.
  • Screenshots can be attached to handwritten posts as long as the community has the option.
  • Recent Drawings: You can post your drawings here and also view all the latest drawings made by other users.
  • Recent Popular Drawings: You can see all the latest popular drawings here, but you cannot post drawings here.

New Discussions

  • Handwritten and text posts are both enabled.
  • Screenshots can only be attached to posts if the community has the option enabled.
  • Open: Means tthat you currently can comment on a discussion post.
  • Closed: Means you currently cannot comment on a discussion post, as the original poster has closed it.
  • Making new discussions posts: To post a new discussion you must close your most recent discussion post, no matter what community you posted in.

In-Game Posts

  • Some games allow you to post to Miiverse while playing the game, these posts are automatically sent to the In-Game posts section on Miiverse communities.
  • Users are able to post text, handwritten, and screenshot posts in this section.
  • In-Game has the optian to make posts with Stamps, as long as the game being played has stamps.

Types of Communities

  • Game Communities: Communities for games on the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS systems. These communities usually allow users to post text and handwritten posts, screenshots, and sometimes even stamps
  • App Communities: Communities for apps on the Wii U and 3DS systems. These communities all lack the ability of letting users post screenshots.
  • Special Communities: Full article about Special communities can be found on this page.

Dead Communities

Dead Communities are communities that rarely or never get posts/drawings on it. Most dead communities consists of old Virtual Console games or old Wii U/3DS games.

Zombie Communities

Zombie Communities are similar to dead ones, but there are some differences. The main difference is that a handful of posts/drawings are made every month, unlike the Dead Communities where they "rarely or never get posts/drawings on it." Communities like these include: Ufouria: Saga Community, Volleyball Community, Tennis Community, Bit Boy Arcade Community, and the Manitoba Club community.

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