Cold Midna
NNID D3F34T_TH3_ADM1N, Sheikah_Pride-07, The_Twilt_Frost7
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community The Legend of Zelda Series Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Alts Nah, ilu.exe
Cold Midna is a Hylian who was mainly active in The Legend of Zelda Series Community, and now in the New Super Luigi U Community. She was originally openly hostile and held a grudge against the Smashers for invading the community, and was infamous for reporting any off-topic post. She claims to be a Smasher herself, though her identity is a well-kept secret, and everyone who has been told about it is forced to keep it secret.

She was the most infamous defensive Hylian throughout the Great Smash/Zelda War, and leads a clan called the Corrupted Rebels. 

After the Smashers moved to the Wii Fit U Community, Cold Midna stopped reporting the Smashers and swore to never attack them again, defending their community in case it should ever be necessary.  


Though she acted like a nice person around her friends, most people see her as a hateful person, since she frequently reports off-topic posts and aggressively defends the Legend of Zelda Community during bandwagoner raids. However, she seems to have become mostly inactive.


  • Cold Midna is seen to have a short temper.
  • Her account Sheikah_Pride-07 was originally intended as a secret base for the Corrupted Rebels, but it was found by Dr. James after Deku Boy, a Corrupted Rebels member, accidentally yeahed a comment on the main post.
  • Her identity is a mystery, but she claims to have been a Smasher that joined in 2012. The user TwiliDragonVic exhibits behaviour reminiscent of what is known about her.
  • The number "7" has been used in at least two of her NNIDs so far.
  • Deku Boy and Demon are the only Corrupted Rebels she knows in real life.
  • She seems to have "discovered" a set of reporting techniques used by the Corrupted Rebels. They are supposedly "overly simple", but are also a well-kept secret.

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