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Miiverse:The Clone Wars

Miiverse Clones are people who make a fan Mii of a user, and call it their own. Many people say that clone accounts are just people trying to get attention by making a Mii that looks like a well known user. When popular users gained more fans, more clones were made. And the more clones that are made, clones of clones are made. Take the user VeryAmused for example. He took NotAmused's Mii, and slapped a smile on it. Boom. 1000+ followers. And then as he gained popularity, people started making clones of HIM. These users have their own personalities, but are often mistaken as the real user.


  • Clones will usually have a Mii that looks like the original user, but their Mii will usually look a little different, such as color, hair, or name.
  • In the past, the most common clones were OmegaStar clones.

Users that have received clones