Roses are red, I'm going to bed.

—Cipher's profile bio.
NNID wafflecat7.0
Age 12
Joined Unknown
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday November 23rd 2003
Alts Kurusoucho, Wafflecatalt, jennicypher, How-bad-me-be
Cipher or ▲●Cipher (NNID: wafflecat7.0) is a Smasher that posts frequently and on rare occasions made interesting drawings in the Wii Fit U Community . She also enjoys posting in The Legend of Zelda Community and the YouTube Community from time to time. She has created the "In Stan's Pants" meme, recently brought up "Dipper Goes to Taco Bell", and found out a way to sneak friend codes past the admins. Scratch that, she is currently perma-banned, with a console ban warning. Cipher has two new accounts (NNID: Kurusoucho, HEHHHH) and is active like normal.

She has a Wiki account that can be found here.

Cipher also is best friends with the user emopikachu16. They say they are "Trolling Buddies" and are seen commenting and yeahing on each other's posts frequently.


Many may be afraid of her mysterious personality traits, but overall, can be a very friendly user. She has made 1,100 posts, and has Yeahed 15,000+ things. She has over 500+ followers, and has been following 120+ users. This user can certainly be sporadic and random at times. It should be advised to expect the unexpected. Apparently, she is constantly watching every single thing.


  • "THE PINEAPPLES. THEY SEEK REVENGE!" - Cipher's warning.
  • "I am a proud fez owner."
  • "I ride a Chia Pet to school every morning."
  • "Those baby chickens seem to be dangerously close to that running tractor in the background." - Cipher's post in the My Life on a Farm 3D Community.
  • "My sad face and frustrated face look extremely happy." - Cipher directing to her expressions on Miiverse.
  • "Stop doing my job Creepy Man. #TheOnlyInsaneUserWhoWatchesEveryBodyIsME" - Cipher's post, directed at the user Creepy Man.
  • "I  EA T KIDS.''
  • "Share a coke with Star Nomad."


  • Her posts usually get above 15 Yeahs, but sometimes get 8.
  • Cipher had a Wiki account, but sadly, it was Wiki banned for vandalizing the Lorax wiki.
  • Her theme is Ave Maria.
  • She shares Room 618 in the New Bigley Hotel with Sonia, Alex Hirsch, Star Nomad, and emopikachu16.
  • She is one of the most mysterious users on Miiverse.
  • Her username is probably a reference to Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls.
  • She is the Founder of Neo Smashers.
  • Cipher has a new account known as Kurusouchu

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