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NNID Christme
Age 16
Joined Unknown
Community Wii Fit U Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned Both
Birthday April 17th, 2001
Alts Christme2, BuildNNID
HNI 0067

Chris' resurrection from the dead

Chris (NNID: Christme) is a happy go lucky Miiverse user who checks up on Miiverse a lot and enjoys most of his days posting and having conversations with friends.

As of October 2015, Christme announced that he would come back to Miiverse as BuildNNID.

Second Account

One night, Chris was report bombed, and therefore he was banned by the admins. The next day, Chris made an alt named Chris (NNID: Christme2).

NNID Status

  • Christme: Permabanned.
  • Christme2: Permabanned.
  • BuildNNID: Christme's main account for Miiverse.


  • "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and pour it into the eyes of your problems".
  • "Holy cheese"!
  • "Your a Knucklehead Mcspazzatron".
  • "Holey Toledo"



  • He enjoyed drawing Bigley and liked Robobard's drawings. He also likes to draw his OCs.
  • He has a wikia of his own, which can be found here.
  • Chris is also a Youtuber and has a Twitter, he also enjoys spending days on Roblox and making stuff about Chris the Stick Adventures.
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