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NNID SonichuChandler
Age 33
Joined December 2012
Community Super Mario Maker Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday February 24th
Alts Unknown
Chris chan

The evolution of Chris-Chan: From childhood to adulthood.

Christine Weston Chandler (formally known as Christian Weston Chandler, also known as Chris-Chan) (NNID: SonichuChandler) is a Miiverse user and author of the famous (or infamous) Sonichu comics. She is a fan of the Sonic, Mario, Pokemon, and the My Little Pony series. Chris is a popular target for trolls across the internet.


Christine Weston Chandler was born Christopher Weston Chandler in Virginia on February 24th, 1982. She received the name "Christian" from an animatronic bear at a Christmas attraction at her local mall in 1992 and would continue to use this name until her gender transition in 2014. During her childhood, she had won a contest. The prize was a Sega video game shopping spree.

At age 18, Chris created Sonichu--a mashup between Sonic and Pikachu--when she couldn't use copyrighted characters for a school assignment. She also created Rosechu--a mashup between Amy Rose and Raichu. Chris has featured these characters in plenty of comics she has made, and still continues to make these comic strips to this day.

In 2007 or so, an anonymous user on 4chan posted an image of Chris-Chan's infamous character, Sonichu. After many other anonymous users started searching for the source of said image, they found Chris-Chan and her now-dead website, This lead to many years of trolling. Because of this, she took a 5 year hiatus from her Sonichu comic that was started in 2010, however she recently has been updating the comics as of 2015.

As of August 2014, Chris came out as a "intersex of female body with male body" and now refers to herself as Christine.

Miiverse Account

Christine got her hands on a Wii U in 2012. Trolls soon found her Miiverse profile and ever since then all of the comments on her posts have been filled with Sonichu references and trolling.

Recently she has been posting Super Mario Maker levels for others to enjoy.


  • Christine has maced a GameStop employee for trying to kick her out of the store, which later caused her to get arrested.
  • Her house burnt down in 2014.
  • Chris has been in two news reports. One for talking about Pokemon with children and one for winning a Sega video game shopping spree.
  • Surprisingly, she doesn't support Donald Trump.

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