Chozo's current mii
NNID Chozo388
Age 17
Joined 12/10/2013 (MDY)
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 189
System(s) owned SO Wiiu Wii U

SO N3ds 3DS

Birthday 03/10 (MDY)
Alts Chozo2.0




BlazoVSGogeta (Used by Blast)

Chozo is a Miiverse user which joined Miiverse in 12/10/13. He made a NNID called "Crown99" with the username "Đaredevil", which later was changed to "Сочи2014" to promote the 22nd winter olympics in Sochi.

Crown99 was banned in 03/25/14. As a result of the ban, Chozo made another account with the username "VRG-Looker" to promote a group that reported posts that violated the Miverse Code of Conduct, which could be seen as ironic cosidering the user was made right after a ban. "VRG" was abbreviated "Violation Reporting Group". He later disbanded the group because he felt that the group tried to ban many innocent people.

Chozo changed his username from "VRG-Looker" to "Mii-Gusta". Mii-Gusta was admired for the hilariously, yet well done Mii. Mii-Gusta changed username and Mii again to Jigglypuff to promote the "be your main month" in November, then he finally changed his username and Mii to "Chozo" to promote his favorite game series ever, Metroid.

On Christmas, Chozo changed his username to "Chozo" to promote Metroid Fusion and X-Mas. He did not intend to change his name even after X-Mas. He eventually simplified it to Chozo again, however.

Chozo got banned permanently in 05/21/15, he intended to buy a Wii U bundled with Mario Kart 8, he finally purchased it in 07/01/15.

Activity before Smash community

The first community Chozo visited was the Mario Kart 7 community with the alias "Đaredevil", the first post being a picture of Mario taking a shortcut over the gap of Rosalina's Ice World with the caption "Out of bounds".

He posted many posts about his Community Codes, and he found a racer who raced frequently with him. His most popular Community was a community celebrating the year of Luigi. Do note that Mario Kart 7 communities should not be considered as Miiverse communities. Other than that, Chozo also hosted picture competitions. He would pick a winner who had the best screenshot from Mario Kart 7.

Chozo noticed the Smash community the next year, unlike many, he tried to post as much on-topic posts as possible. He actually hated the fact that it was off-topic, unlike now, as he seems to enjoy fooling around at the New Super Luigi U community.

His sister bought him Pokemon Y for his birthday, he was so hyped that he skipped his football (or soccer if you prefer) practice that day. Since that day he has also been posting on Pokemon communities.


  • "We nickname colons as "introductory letter". So when you're writing ":D", you're essentially introducing someone to a D"
  • "My Nintendo life was so secret before. But now, after I purchased a Wii U, I'm completely open as a Nintendo supporter/gamer. It's like I've come out of the closet, only with Nintendo"
  • "For all these years, 2008-2011, I legitimately thought that Marth was a grill"
  • "Also, apple products are very tasty, healthy and keeps the doctor away"
  • "I love Alpharad, I want him to be my Alphawife"
  • "I like religion, best fiction ever"
    Dank af


  • Chozo was a Ridley supporter.
    • He still think that Ridley is possible, despite knowing his appearance in Pyrosphere.
    • Not to mention Masahiro Sakurai's opinion on Ridley.
    • Despite his open-mindedness, he still doubts on Ridley.
  • His favourite iteration of Ridley derives from Metroid Zero Mission.
    • Metroid Zero Mission is also his all-time favourite video game.
  • He likes Metroid: Other M.
  • He is interested and hyped for Metroid Prime: Federation Force.
  • He breeds a lot of Pokémon but doesn't battle at all.
  • He dislikes the SSB4 roster because of representation inequality.
  • Hungry Box is his favourite competitive Melee contestant.
  • He likes to be seen as a rather intelligent guy.
  • He has the ownership of three guitars, two acoustic, one electric.
  • He loves Coldplay.
    • He describes himself as a Coldplay variant of Barbara.
  • His dreamjob is being a Nurse.
  • He can speak Chinese though his vocabulary is very limited, kinda like Miiverse.
  • He has created two fads.
    • "I pronounce X as Y"
    • "In an alternative universe where ____"

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