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NNID Monokuma_Lives
Age 12
Joined Unknown
Community WiiFit U Community
Followers 178
System(s) owned System in the Nintendo 3DS Family
Birthday Unknown

Chihiro (NNID: Monokuma_Lives) is a rather normal Smasher who posts daily on the WFU community. Chihiro is a avid fan of visual novels and RPG's. Her Mii is based off of fictional character, Chihiro Fujisaki from the visual novel, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. She will destroy you with the power of dumbbells if you anger her.  Her alt is I'm Jelly. Her account has been perma banned. She currently uses her alt.               

Stuff about the Dumbbell Master

  • She is twelve years old. But why would anybody care, right? Riiiight?
  • She is a fan of Youtuber, NicoB7700.
  • Her waifu is Luna.
  • Her second waifu is Naoto Shirogane.
  • She has too many husbandos to count.
  • She is a friend of Roy.
  • She loves Teddie. BEARY much.
  • She can make some terrible bear puns.

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