ChibiMa's Mii
NNID ChibiMa
Age Unknown
Joined 12/18/13
Community Pokemon Art Academy
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned 3DS
Birthday October 3rd
Alts Unknown
ChibiMa, who's first post was on 12/18/13, is one of the many artists on Miiverse. He started out drawing Pokemon and a few ponies. He then went
ChibiMa's First Drawing on Miiverse

ChibiMa's first drawing

on to drawing anime and O.C.s, which is what he usually draws now along with some drawings of his friends! He is responsible for the Great Shipping Fiasco of 4/18/2014 which lasted two days and was the birth of the Almighty Shipping Queen Audrey (nnid: Audreychan). Since then, Audrey has become an obsessed yandere fan-girl of ChibiMa and his now his #1 Kohai, a spot that she prizes greatly. 2 months later, he started Magical Girl Week on 6/16/2014. The 4 people who were transformed into Magical Girls were Cassie, Audrey, Ammy, and Brandon. It ended on 6/24/2014.

ChibiMa is close friends With Momo (nnid: DracoAnomaly), Krauss (nnid: Mr.Krauss), and LordWarryl (nnid: warryl-san). He also has a girlfriend, but no information exists of their relationship. ChibiMa likes to play Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Anyway, his birthday is 10/03 and he's from Italy.

ChibiMa is currently on Hiatus.

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