Touhou is grapes.

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NNID whydoistilltry
Age 13
Joined May 22/23, 2014
Community Argentina Club]
Followers 146
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday November 29
Alts NotToldEnough, dontspaghetti (ded) TheDarkBlowhole

Suika (currently Kat) is a user who founded #TeletubbyClan. Suika joined Miiverse on May 22nd/23rd 2014. She originally posted on the YouTube Community. In late May/early June 2014, she became a Smasher and started posting in the Super Smash Bros. Series Community until the community was shutdown and the Smashers had to migrate to different communities. Suika currently posts in Wii Sports Club Communities such as the Argentina Club since they weren't effected by the Miiverse Redesign due to being Sub-communities.

Suika's NNID is "SealedAwayYoukai", and her NNID for her alternate account is "NotToldEnough" which was created by TELLMEMORE, who also gave it to Suika when she only had a 3DS.

On June 10th 2015, she got a Wii U. Her NNID on her Wii U is SealedAwayYoukai.

Her current NNID is here.


  • Suika has a huge obsession with Touhou; a bullet-hell style PC video game that includes many young female characters..
  • Her old Mii was based on Suika Ibuki; a character from the game Touhou.
  • Her newest Mii is based on Chen; yet another Touhou character.
  • Her real name is Katie.
UN Slam Was Jam? - Improved Version02:29

UN Slam Was Jam? - Improved Version

Her theme song.

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