NNID caroline100505
Age 10
Joined 12/30/14
Community YouTube Community

New Super Luigi U Community

Followers 390
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday 10/5
Alts Unknown

Caroline is an artist and Smasher. She does art in the YouTube Community (YTC) and resides with the Smashers in the New Super Luigi U Community. She isn't that well known, but has almost 400 followers. Many people ask to date her, but she rejects them because she is only 10 years old.

She owns JD 2015, Nintendo Land, and Super Mario 3D World, and she is hoping to get Splatoon. Caroline is only a semi-extreme gamer.

Caroline really loves Miiverse, but has gotten into a lot of drama along the way. For example, she got into a fight in the W in June 2015. She wanted to stay there part time. She was a YouTube Community member at this time. A user got angry with her and Caroline criticized the Wii Fit U Community saying their memes are stupid. The user then called her butthurt after she blocked him. Then a week later she came back and said:"You gotta stop your memes. The bible says so!" Then another fight started. After all this she apologized many times. She likes the smashers now.

Another example of drama is when she was holding a YouTube Community drawing contest. Most of her competitors whined because they didn't win 1st place. she took responsibility and blocked the whiny users for a short time.

One time, a user was bullying her. It all started when she wrote in a handwritten post that said "Rate my handwriting". A boy commented and said "You write like a pig without hands". And around 20 users ganged up on him. That user got permanently banned after that.

Caroline looks back on all this drama and cringes every time.

She is still active, even after the redesign. She loves to chat, but wants to avoid drama.

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