Captain Falcon (character)
Capt Falcon Lol
Game Series F-ZERO
Date Debuted in November 21, 1990
First Appearence F-ZERO
Latest Appearence Super Smash Bros For Wii U/3DS
Owned by Nintendo

Captain Falcon is a character of the F-Zero franchise. He's one of the original 12 characters from Smash 64. He's famous for the FALCON PUNCH! He has a car called Blue Falcon and has a rivalry with Samurai Goroh. He was revealed for Super Smash Bros. 4 along with Lucina and Robin, while de-confirming Chrom and proving the gematsu leak to be fake.

On Miiverse, several people like to quote Captain Falcon's infamous lines like "Falcon Punch", "Show Me Your Moves," etc.

About F-Zero

It's a futuristic racing game where the player would race against 29 rivals. In F-Zero, you have an energy bar, and every time the player gets hit or use a boost, the energy is depleted. The player can recover it by passing in purple sections of the map.


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