1a474vfs4quep normal face
Age 26
Joined Unknown
Community Smash Bros
Followers 139
System(s) owned Wii U
Birthday 21/11/1990
Alts Unknown
Cap.Falcon (not to be confused with the older CaptFalcon) is a Miiverse user who holds the title of "Most pointless thing to be banned from Miiverse for" (An award he invented himself, which may or may not be recognized by any other individual). He is approaching 100 followers.

He is not particularly notable for demanding F-Zero U, lamenting Captain Falcon's lack of relavance, bashing anyone who supports the horrific injustice of Mother having a third character, and is a staunch supporter of the Black Shadow. His Fawlcon Jimmies can be rustled by requesting Ninten, Lucas, or Shadow; people who support Gamatsu and other conspiracy theories leaks; as well as anyone who refuses to acknowledge that Falcondorf is an obscenity that should be de-cloned immediately. He has been a part of #LucinaOnMiiverse since its first post, and has bonded with the young Princess over the Pauwnching of her father.

On 19/8/14 (Bikini Suit Samus Day) Cap.Falcon was unjustly banned for two weeks, for an extremely offensive post (see below) pointing out the hypocrisy of a faction of Nintendo's fanbase. He returned, and later shared many excellent Custom Stages; however has become a rare sight since the death of Old Miiverse.


The post that won Cap.Falcon the prestigious "Most pointless thing to be banned from Miiverse for" award.

TPhoto 00006

Cap.Falcon's last, desperate attempt to escape the Badmin tide, before being consumed by his own Miiverse CoC shattering Fawlcon POST

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