35wy5kerutdro normal face
NNID TisICaliburTwo
Age 15 although he looks younger
Joined June 14th, 2013
Community New Super Luigi. U Community
Followers 270+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

сαιiвυгΤεк isn't even a Miiverse user anymore, all he does is troll by posting mods and saying it's DLC on Miiverse. He's super competitive in Super Smash Brothers. for Wii U, mains Roy, and only uses Ike in friendlies because he dropped Ike, yep. He works on mod projects like Smash Bros. Legacy, and Smash 2 as he is a skilled person when it comes to modding Brawl.


He likes to complain.


He has horns and shades. His Mii is based off of the trolls in Homestuck. He's a former fan of it, but keeps the mii. He's a Nintendrone.


  • Cal has been perma'd twice, his new account is TisICaliburTwo.
  • Member since 6/14/13
  • He's on Smashladder often, it's a competitive Smash site.
  • He's a former LMR moderator.
  • 3DS account: ThatOneIkeFanboy

Youtube Channel:


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