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C.OLIMAR is a Pikmim character. He is the main character from the first two pikmin games, and a major side character in pikmin 3. OLIMAR was some rando at his home planet, Hocotate. He worked for El Presidente a.k.a the president doig something.

In the first pikmin game, he was delivering pikpik carrots before crash landing on what is implied to be erf, our planet, he finds pikmin who he forces into slavery. He uses them to find his ship parts so he can get off before he frekin dies lemayo.

IN pikmin two he returns to his home planet, but gets sent back to make some cash money for el presidente a.k.a the president. This time he's not alone, but takes captain louie albano. Eventuslly louie goes missing cause olimar left his butt back on erf, our planet. Some stuff happens and then they go home.

In pikmin tres i don't know what he does, because I haven't played that one haha.


  • He has a strong disliking towards Little Mac and Duck Hunt.
  • He likes being with his friends, posting with the Smashers, playing Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and trolling the YouTube Community.
  • He dislikes PewDiePie, FNaF, anime, Miiverse dating, and the YouTube Community.