Buzzfeed is a privately owned American news media company that was founded in 2006 by Jonah Peretti.


The company's main website,, contains daily news, original videos, quizzes and Top X lists that rank products in a certain order. A good deal of the content is done with a positive attitude in mind and feature pictures and GIFs that are meant to be humorous.

Acknowledgement of Miiverse

On January 27, 2015, Buzzfeed staffer Tanner Greenring made an article titled "25 People Who Should Be Banned From Nintendo's Miiverse"

The list features 25 different Miiverse users ranging from posting often ridiculous things from using proposing on Miiverse and wanting to hump Princess Peach to posts that contain a Pikachu giving birth and a Miiverse post including an official picture of the Disney Channel television show Cory in the House.

The list itself contained posts such as:

"I like to drink period blood, don't ask where I got it from." - Mariojam57

"I hope the pic of the day is Daisy. I would love to Super Smash her" - Harry Butt.

"Lucina got like no booty" - The lord himself, Shrek.

Corey in the house2

An example of the posts that were featured on the list.

The Buzzfeed list was acknowledged by Daniel Switzer, the creator of Bad Miiverse Posts.


"It's a website that specializes in lazy click-bait articles made by losers, for losers" - Maddox, a detractor of Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeed received a large amount of backlash from various parts of the Internet. A common criticism is the website containing articles that have misleading titles that are strictly made in the sensational nature, this common criticism is usually referred as clickbait. Another common criticism of Buzzfeed is that the website steals work of other users in order to create content more easily. Finally, the last criticism of Buzzfeed is that the website lacks an editorial point of view, with plenty of articles contradicting each other.

In response to the website's criticism, the website had since removed 4,000 articles that were described as "trolly" or "sloppily-sourced", according to Jonah Peretti.

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