The fridge is full, my life is complete

—Buster, 2015
NNID supermario8775
Age Unknown
Joined Early 2014
Community New Super Luigi. U community
Followers 700+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday 4/03
Alts Busterthe_loser1

Buster (NNID: supermario8775) is a Miiverse user with over 700 followers. Buster posts in the New Super Luigi U Community, and mostly makes drawings of Mario and other video game characters. When he's not drawing, he likes to post his thoughts and opinions about different things, like Miiverse or video games. Buster used to draw and post mainly in the Super Smash Bros. Series Community. However, when it got shut down and turned into the Smash 3DS community, he joined the Smashers in the Zelda Community until they were all forced to move to the Wii Fit U Community

Eventually, he moved with the rest of the Smashers to the New Super Luigi U Community. He continues to make posts there to this day. He claims to not like Miiverse as much as he used to, and his activity shows. 


  • His favourite series is the Mario series, with Mario being his favourite character, and the one who he draws the most often.
  • Buster doesn't seem to be a big fan of memes.

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