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Brianna Wu (spacekatgal), formally known as John Walker Flynt, is a Miiverse user who is also an American video game designer who runs the video game studio Giant Spacekat.

Brianna is known for her tweets that advocate for feminism and LGBT rights, especially transgender rights. Brianna is also known as a polarizing figure among the #GamerGate community.

After Trump's election in 2016, she announced her intention to run for Congress in 2018 with the motto "she fought the alt-right and won".

Early life as John Walker Flynt

Born on around 1980, Brianna was known as John W. Flynt and lived a relatively comfortable life with her rich parents.

In 1996, Brianna attended Ole Miss college and later transferred to Millsaps in order to popularize her series known as Socially Unconscious by creating the animation studio Socially Unconscious Productions. The studio was funded using money from her parents.

Socially Unconscious Productions

Socially Unconscious was a series of comics that ran on the Millsaps' campus newspaper. the Millsaps Purple and White. The comic series focused on social and political commentary, from certain groups of students that attended Millsaps to feminism.


John Flynt (Left) and Brianna Wu (Right)

The reception of Socially Unconscious was poor. The series was panned by school staff and students due to the poor art of the comics, the smugness of Brianna and the way the comic portrayed students in Millsaps. One example of backlash was when Brianna drew a strip that criticized the quality of technology in math classes and a math professor responded to the comic in a delightfully sarcastic fashion. Another example of the backlash was when Brianna portrayed Greek students at Millsap as drunken party animals and a student, that goes by the name of Treuty Dominick, responded to the comic by saying Brianna portrayed Greek life in a very disrespectful light.

In a nutshell, Socially Unconscious failed to become a hit in Brianna's college campus.

Election Eve

Election Eve was basically another attempt for Brianna to get her dream series popular. Election Eve was intended to be a radio drama.

Despite Brianna spending over $150,000 on Election Eve's marketing, the project went nowhere. A website page that hosted Election Eve can be viewed here:

After the failure of Election Eve, Brianna transitioned to a woman and married to a four-time Hugo Award winner, Frank Wu

Involvement with #GamerGate

In a nutshell, #GamerGate is a large consumer movement that focuses on the improvement of ethics of gaming journalism. Due to contested accusations of #GamerGate being a woman-hating harassment movement, #GamerGate got a relatively large amount of detractors, one of them is Brianna Wu.

Brianna Wu claimed to have been a target of #GamerGate due to her, in a nutshell, being a female video game developer and having progressive ideas, the targeting has gone to a point to where she claimed to have left her home. Although, many people associated with #GamerGate has doubted her claims.

Giant Spacekat

Giant Spacekat is an independent video game studio founded in 2010 by Brianna Wu, her husband Frank Wu and Amanda S. Warner.


Brianna (Left) and Amanda (Right) having a fun console fanboy fight using controllers

So far, Giant Spacekat has developed and completed one game in its name, Revolution 60.

Revolution 60

Revolution 60 is an adventure game made for Apple devices that was later ported to PC. The game focuses on the main character, Holiday, as she travels on space locations in order to stop a villainous plan, called Revolution 60, that involves an attack on China in order to trigger an all out nuclear war.

Revolution 60- "Broken" Trailer01:37

Revolution 60- "Broken" Trailer

Brianna claims that Revolution 60 is a mix of the popular video games Mass Effect and Heavy Rain, with the space setting likely inspired by Mass Effect, and the large amount of alternate endings and dialogue choices most likely inspired by Heavy Rain.

Despite the game receiving the iMore: Best of 2014 award and raving reviews from critics, a large amount of the players that played Revolution 60 gave highly negative reviews to the game. This has lead some people to believe Brianna’s relationships with the critics tempted some critics to rate the game way higher scores than it deserves.

Cupcake Crisis

Cupcake Crisis is an upcoming second video game by Giant Spacekat. Very little is known about the game other than it being a game aimed at children.


A screenshot of Cupcake Crisis footage.

Interaction with Miiverse

Brianna has a Miiverse account, although she uses it significantly less due to her using Twitter a lot more, it hasn’t been active since July 2015.

Most of Brianna’s posts are causal in nature, in contrast to a much more cynical and critical nature in her Twitter account.

Luckily, she never faced the wrath of an admin.

Entry into Politics

Brianna Wu for Congress 201801:00

Brianna Wu for Congress 2018

Following the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, Brianna announced that she would run for Congress as a Democrat against incumbent Democrat Stephen Lynch.


  • Brianna is a friend of Anita Sarkeesian
  • Brianna was featured on Playboy. (Don't worry, no nudes here.)
  • She's followed by Egoraptor, Boogie2988, Indie Cade and the creators of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 on Twitter

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