Weird ass mii
NNID KnuckleHead101
Age 8
Joined Unknown
Community New Super Luigi U
Followers 200+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday December 5, 2007
Alts ANer!Alt
  1. PrayForOrlando LOL NOW GIMME YEAHS
—Thomas/Him when he was a noob

ANer§¶ is a user who posts drawings and funny posts. He has over 200 followers and has one alt called ANer!Alt. His newest popular post is "Walgreens has no green walls. 0/10."  His alt is mostly used for drawings, the most popular being his Miiverse Live News post. ANer§¶ has 480+ posts, each getting 3-4 yeahs but some times 5+. Sadly, his Wii U broke and he uses his computer instead. He still has a Wii U account named simply, "Thomas", but he is very unpopular on that account. It has twice as many people followed by him than people following him.


His Mii is very odd. He has around 2 years of experience, and is sadly inactive. His first post was "Blue toad: Hi Green toad: Hi" accompanied by a picture of the Toad from Toad Houses and the player Toad. It was posted in the SM3DW community, and received 4-5 yeahs.

List Of Accounts

  • KnuckleHead101 (inactive) BANHAMMERED
  • KnuckleHead121 (active)
  • TripleMintSundae (active, but has become a yeah-bot) BANHAMMERED


  • He's following more people than people following him.
  • He has had 4 name changes.
  • He doesn't play Smash on his main, but he does on his Thomas account.
  • No one has known when he joined, or how long he's has been on Miiverse.
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