NNID BradleyNews11
Age 21
Joined Unknown
Community Unknown
Followers Private
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

His YouTube icon.

BradleyNews11 (dank as ever) is a YouTuber who started YouTube on October 22, 2011. He makes news posts, videos, game reviews, and other things related, but he is most well known for his video series, That's on Miiverse. The series is him making skits of immature posts he receives through send-ins from fans, inspired by Jacksfilms' ygs series, and Giga Gamby's bad miiverse posts series. He also has a Miiverse account, which has gained many followers from people who watch his YouTube channel, similar to Giga Gamby. He currently has over 8000 YouTube subscribers. He's good friends with Haedox and ExoParadigmGamer.


  • He's one of the people that started the Bad Miiverse Posts genre.
  • His profile comment is hidden.
  • He has only made 74 posts, the last made on the 16th of September.

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