Age Unknown
Joined March 21, 2015
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 123
System(s) owned Wii U
Birthday Unknown
Alts Omochao, other

Boney is a User that joined the Miiverse Smashers in the Wii Fit U Era. He is known for beginning all of his posts with "Woof, woof.", and proceeding to type the rest of his sentences in parentheses. Boney is based on the game Mother 3's character of the same name, which is where he got his trademark "Woof, woof." from, as the character also has this trait, beginning his sentences with it. Boney apparently has numerous alts, but they are unknown.


Boney and Kumatora were once shipped together by the latter, and have been friends ever since. Boney is also friends with the other Mother Miis, including Mother 4 and 5 Miis, because he is their brother from another Mother.


  • "Woof, woof. (If you ship yourself with a character from Steven Universe, it just sounds like you want a rock to fall in love with you.)"
  • "Everyone online is either bad, camping, or both.)"


  • Boney once started a meme where everyone spoke like he does, starting every sentence with an onomatopoeia, but that meme died quickly as everyone got super annoyed by having to do it every time they made a post.
  • One of Boney's alts was revealed to be Omochao.
  • His profile quote was once a list of his accomplishments in games, such as 100% completion of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, or completing Ring Attack in Mario Golf Toadstool Tour.
  • Surprisingly, Boney isn't a furry.

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