Bobby Hill
1075rsdi7etyn normal face
NNID I_play_stff
Age Unknown
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Community Unknown
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned Unknown
Birthday Unknown
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Reminder not to drink Sulfiric Acid, it's low in daily nutrition

—A WFUC post from April 6, 2015.

Bobby Hill is a somewhat known user that joined Miiverse in March of 2014, under the alias of Jake, with an NNID of I_play_stff.  His miis that he uses include Bobby Hill, Jake (his non-stupid one), Steve Urkel, and Lenny.  

He joined and first posted to the Wind Waker Community, but soon moved to the SSB community when it was full of random shit.  He didn't cohere with it at first, but slowly, he became part of the group named the "Smashers", or a group of people in a war with asshole false reporters from the LoZ community.  He has not been on miiverse for extended periods of times, because of no access to the internet.

His posts are dumbly comical, if not just dumb, and he dislikes most cult followings, while claiming not to be a hipster.


  • He thinks the YTC is asinine, like everyone else does.
  • His posts are rarely relevant.


I Like Dig Bicks and Miiverse's Long C.O.C.!

Xcano's mii looks stoned

>People that draw bad pictures and use the "Accomplishment" tag.

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