NNID johnsucks123
Age 12
Joined October 29 2014
Community NSLUC
Followers 118
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday February 2

Blade (johnsucks123) is a user in the New Super Luigi U Community. He usually posts on the New Super Luigi U community. Blade also is known to do things to irritate other users in the community, such as doing admin-bait posts (ex: draw the smallest dot) or obvious trolling such as saying the game of the community "sucks" to get heat from other users.

Sometimes people mention his trolling in their posts, although at other times, he acts as a normal user with off topic posting. He had another account called bladeleo5 but it was ultimately permabanned. On February 6th, 2016, Blade gave his password out in order to avoid another user.

Miiverse Ban History

Blade's debuted on October 29th, 2014, but a few weeks later on November 11th, 2014 he was banned. He returned and got permabanned on December 3rd, 2014. After a long time away from Miiverse, he returned in July 2015. Blade finally got his first ban as johnsucks123 on December 8th, 2015, after swearing in a comment.

On Old Account/Sharing With Cousin (2013-2014)

Blade was just a normal user on The Legend of Zelda Series Community at the time where off topic users went. He acted similar to how he is now but didn't troll as much. Although he has shared accounts with his cousin, he didn't have his own account until October of 2014.


  • "Draw the smallest dot winner gets a follow"
  • "This community sux"
  • "Vine sux"


  • Blade is widely considered a troll by users who know him.
  • He was banned from only two admin warnings.
  • Many people comment on his NNID.

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