2duwjs4swaq6r normal face
NNID BlueStache
Age 16
Joined 3/12/13
Community Super Smash Bros. Series Community
Followers 1,000+
System(s) owned Both
Birthday Unknown
Alts None
BlackQuill was a popular Smasher and an artist in the Super Smash Bros. Series Community. He enjoyed using Miiverse to discuss his favorite franchises in various communities. When he wasn't posting or chatting with friends, he was busy "yeah-giving". BlackQuill never left a post unyeah'd, which is likely why he gained so much popularity. His drawings were mostly of characters he wanted in Smash Bros., which included Dillon, Bomberman, and even the infamous Ridley.

Favorite communities


  1. He loves Super Smash Bros.
  2. His favorite console is the GameCube.
  3. Super Mario Bros. is one of his most beloved Nintendo franchises.
  4. He doesn't have much patience for people who can't spell.
  5. His pixel art has received much praise.
  6. He also really loves the Phoenix Wright series.
  7. He strongly dislikes the first generation of Pokemon.
  8. He enjoyed posting in his Activity Feed on occasion.



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