Fan art of the iconic Bigley drawn by Presstartoplay using a painting app called Colors! 3D. (Not actual size)
Site it originated from Miiverse
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Before the Universe was, Bigley was.

—A prophet on Bigley

Bigley was one of the most well-known Miiverse Deities that parodies the Ridley controversy, and even became a 'big' idol for the Super Smash Brothers Community. Bigley was extremely popular with the Smashers, and had made countless appearances on drawings and posts.

Bigley originated in a handwritten post made by a user named Side on January 19th, 2014. Bigley is currently four years old.

The actual post in question is this.

Like the Shrek meme, unfortunately, the Bigley meme was less frequently mentioned due to the closure of the Smash series community. The meme had returned on multiple occasions and was almost impossible for users to forget about.

Bigley started to become a common meme again somewhere around July 2015 in the Wii Fit U Community, and after the Smashers and memers moved to the New Super Luigi U Community, Bigley became a semi-popular meme for a long time.

Origin of Bigley

On the 19th of January during 2014, a Miiverse user by the name Side posted a drawing of Ridley disproportionate and extremely large. He named this drawing “Bigley” as a way to mock the Ridley is Too Big Meme. According to Side, Bigley was only a repost of a comment he made on someone else's post. This post was never found.

Fan Art

Ever since Bigley was posted, users of Miiverse have been drawing fan art of him. A good amount fan art consists of Bigley being placed in a situation that a popular Nintendo character would normally be in. Some kinds of fan art have Bigley’s face placed onto of that of a character from the Super Smash Brothers series of games. The most common kind of of fan art you can find is different artistic interpretations of Bigley.

Fan Characters

Just as soon as fan art was made, fan characters were too. There are over 35 fan characters to date. Each fan character is based off Bigley's design but with an extra detail to their bodies. Side has confirmed that any fan character should not be taken as canon.

Bigley Stories

Many short stories were made to explain Bigley’s purpose on Miiverse. It was originally one long narrative but that has now been lost. What remains goes as follows.

“After an epic battle Between Bigley and Shrek the Bigley Bang occurred and created Miiverse. Now Bigley is worshiped by many users of Miiverse. Bigley is immortal, like a phoenix, so when users stop talking about him he will be brought up again. Shrek and Bigley somehow best friends after these events.”

“Bigley has a younger brother named Ridley who is well known for being too big for Super Smash Brothers. Bigley is even Bigger. Bigley is the biggest thing in the universe because he is the universe. Anything that ever exists will be smaller than him because of this."

“Many Miiverse users wanted Bigley in Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS. After so many people asked for him Bigley was sent a letter by Nintendo asking him to join. Sadly Bigley was too big to open such a tiny letter. Bigley also had no hands to open it with! He was probably too big to be a fighter anyway.”

"Bigley was too big to explore the Universe, and needed a way to explore the wonders he created, thus creating Unicron, who soon betrayed him and became evil, eating dead communities. Unicron has later died, but has gained a following in the form of The First Order who are trying to revive him."

Physical Description

Physically Bigley is a mystery because of how many different interpretations of him there are, but there are still some consistencies. He always has one head with two eyes and a long beak/proboscis. His body is only a line and so are his legs. He also has two wings on the sides of his body. Bigley’s species is unknown but he has been described as a Deity on multiple occasions.

Appearances in Video Games

On a date unknown Doki Doki Hatty was released to the public. This game was a rom hack of Super Mario Brothers 2. Doki Doki Hatty had four playable characters, and Bigley was one of them. Bigley had the same abilities as Princess Toadstool in Super Mario Brothers 2.

On a date unknown Dr. Bigley was in development. It was going to be a simple hack of Dr. Mario with Bigley's face placed on top of Mario's face. Other minor tweaking would be included. Sadly the game has since now been canceled.

On the 19th of January during 2015, in celebration of Bigley’s birthday, Bigley was added as a playable character for the Wii U game Meme Run by NinjaPigStudios. This sparked controversy because Jordan, the head of the company, never asked for permission to use the character. "A damn shame for such a great character," is what most would said. Other people, mostly people who bought the game, found him fun to play as and tended to draw him as much as they could.

On the 2nd of April 2015, Jordan of NinjaPigStudios hinted at the arrival of an upcoming game called “Attack of the Memes” which had almost no mention after that first post. People were shocked on November 7th to learn that this was going to be a first person shooting game centered around Bigley with the new name, Bigley’s Revenge. On January 7th Bigley’s Revenge was released on the Wii U eShop. This was yet another game made by NinjaPigStudios that featured Bigley as a character, but this time as an antagonist. This game sparked even more controversy, not only due to the misportrayal of Bigley’s character, but also due to the fact that Jordan still never asked for permission to use Bigley in the first place. Many accused this game this game “meme pandering” and some of Bigley’s followers were even ashamed of its existence. After a week, this game was taken down from the eShop due to a misrating by the ESRB. Despite receiving an even worse reception than Meme Run, Jordan said he would bring the game back to the eShop in due time.

Bigley's Family / Fan Characters

  1. Ridley (younger brother)
  2. Charizard (Ridley and Bigley's youngest brother)
  3. Shrek (Bigley's godfather)
  4. Mr. Left (Bigley's future incarnation)
  5. Ritsuko (Bigley's music teacher)
  6. Big the Cat (pet cat)
  7. Unicron (first Creation)
  8. Primus (split from Unicron)
  9. Inflateley (Bigley's cousin wearing floats on his body, created by TheOrcaApocalypse)
  10. Nana (one of his oldest and best creations)
  11. Clifford the Big Red Dog (Uncle's pet)
  12. Hugely (best friend)
  13. The iPhone 6 (other best friend because it is bigger than bigger)
  14. Biggerley (lesser known older brother)
  15. Mrs. Bigley (not very well known wife created by Suika)
  16. Basty (fanmade female bigley who Jaden hates)
  17. Littleley (first son)
  18. Smalley (second son)
  19. Average size-ley (daughter)
  20. Mini-ley (his and ridley's younger-er brother)
  21. Sisley (fraternal twin sister who is hawt)
  22. Massive-ley (Step-dad)
  23. Not-so-Massive-ley (mom)
  24. Kingley (father)
  25. Fatley (cousin)
  26. Birdley (pet bird)
  27. Megaley (grandpa)
  28. Superley (grandma)
  29. Babley (third son)
  30. Girley (step sister)
  31. Machley (uncle)
  32. Boobley (hot aunt)
  33. Wiggley (other Cousin)
  34. Shrekley (not very well known half brother created by Snugglefox)
  35. Biggestley and Mrs. Biggestley (the first bigleies who founded the bigleies)
  36. Bigi (other daughter)
  37. Big Hero 6 (distant cousin)
  38. Begley (Bigley's rival)
  39. Evil Bigley (Bigley's evil side created by ULTRAstarX)
  40. Bigley's Dick (Bigley's big-ass dick)
  41. Big the Cat (pet cat)
  42. Biley (younger brother)
  43. Bilgey (Evil twin brother who supposedly created (and leads) the admins and wants to rule the Internet. He has died several times, but he keeps coming back. His beak is straighter than Bigley's)
  44. Bilgley (Brother created by a fusion of Bigley and Bilgey's DNA)
  45. The Big Friendly Giant (Childhood friend)
  46. Giant Man (Neighbor)

Things Bigley is bigger than

  1. Ridley
  2. Your house (that Cory Baxter is in)
  3. Godzilla
  4. Shokio's ego (just by a centimeter)
  5. Hatty's hats
  6. You
  7. Icicle Mountain
  8. The Smash Bros. community
  9. Brock OBonkin
  10. The Universe
  11. Not Knuckles in Sonic Boom
  12. Mashpotato Samurai
  13. Operah Winfrey
  14. Moguel
  15. Finland on a Friday night
  16. A cartridge of Battletoads
  17. Shrek's ogre appendages
  18. Zaily
  19. Coconut Cream pies
  20. Chuck Norris (Chuck Norris can still round house kick his ass, however)
  21. Snoop Dogg
  22. FILS-A-MECH's body
  23. A large bowl of pasta
  24. Super Smash Brothers 4 disc
  25. The amount of Call of Duty sequels
  26. Bryan's lack of understanding
  27. Dr. Eggman's IQ
  28. Albert Einstein's IQ
  29. Kirby
  30. The Internet
  31. Admin's IQ (Not saying much though)
  32. The amount of people in the death note
  33. Himself
  34. Batman
  35. This wiki
  36. Billy Mays
  37. The amount of memes that the internet has spawned
  38. [Insert male genatelia joke here]
  39. The amount of people on Earth, times their height combined
  40. Bowser in Super Mario Galaxy 2
  41. Lord Helix
  42. The Statue of Liberty times 26
  43. The amount of days it takes for JonTron to upload
  44. The amount of Rule 34 on the Internet
  45. Entire population of the Earth
  46. This list
  47. Michael Jordan
  48. Robin Williams
  49. Grass
  50. Your mom
  51. Mr.Man
  52. The amount of users on Miiverse
  53. Olimar
  54. iPhone 6
  55. The machine used to resize him
  56. The number of times "Bigley" is on this list
  57. The Mario movie
  58. Goku's power level
  59. Michael Rosen
  60. Vince Offer from ShamWOW commercials
  61. A ShamWOW towel
  62. Mariotehplumber's ego (by a millimeter)
  63. Waluigi
  64. Pac-Man
  65. My boner on a Saturday
  66. Jesus
  67. E3
  68. Gojira
  69. Mount Everest
  70. The Sun
  71. Alex's lemonade stand
  72. Daddy Sakurai's cat
  73. The amount of Attack On Titan yaoi that exists
  74. Clifford the Big Red Dog
  75. Grandma's cookies
  76. the amount of nanoseconds since the beginning of time
  77. Anything conceivable by man, whether it be forgotten or yet to be thought of
  78. His own hotel which has 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999 x 999999999999999999999999999999999999 rooms
  79. The amount of minutes that people use the internet x the amount of people who use internet
  80. The world of Xenoblade Chronicles X
  81. The GTA 5 map
  82. Ant-Man (Full sized)
  83. Your erection after witnessing Luke Skywalker in the force awakens. It was huge and you know it.


  • According to his story, Bigley is Ridley's older brother. He is bigger than anything in the entire universe, and the universe itself.
  • On the poll for 'Who should be Miiverse's mascot' created by Mr. Left on May 10th, 2014, Bigley was the highest voted candidate by far.
  • As of now, people have being trying to expand Bigley's popularity outside of Miiverse, with a page of him being made on Know Your Meme only to be deadpooled moments later due to reasons such as lack of notability.
  • Bigley's preferred method of murder is cutting peoples' throats up with his proboscis, because it's sharp.
  • Miiverse User, Grimace has discovered several Bigley-like drawings in Splatoon (Note: These drawings were not made by Miiverse Users).
  • Bigley got his own religion called Bigleyism.
  • Some say Bigley died on 3/6/16 but like his story said he came back. This has proven Bigley can't die. It is said that Bilgey, Bigley's evil twin brother, died fighting Bigley on that day. Bilgey was resurrected on Halloween later that year.
  • Bigley has his own wiki called Bigley's Huge Wiki. It has little information and most of it is inaccurate.
  • Side is very modest about unintentionally spawning countless Bigley memes throughout miiverse, and is generally not very active. He personaly considers Bigley dead.

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